9976 mile XJ6 on BaT

Usually Bring a Trailer will put the mileage in the title if it’s such a low mileage example. The dealer/current owner looks like they’re trying to turn a tidy profit. Looked like it was sold at Mecum for $11k, then the dealer had it listed for $40k until it got listed on BaT.

It is very clean looking, maybe I’m being too skeptical.

It looks clean and almost original but it will be expensive to get rid of that add-on junk leaper and those sleazy dealer add-on door strips.

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Whoa, Greg. Some of us also have those dealer-installed door strips. Sometimes you have to make due with what you’ve got.

But I agree with the gold badges, not really my taste, but those wouldn’t be too hard to swap out.

Right, but he is trying to get a huge price. originality becomes important at that level. When you remove them you have holes in paint you can’t fix without spending huge money.

That’s true. My guess is his reserve won’t be met.