A/C compressor heat shield

Hello everyone, I’m in the process of swapping my a/c compressor and i have noticed the cardboard looking heatshied was torn pretty good, I’d like to source a new one so

  1. is it really needed ? :wink:
  2. if yes do you have a part number and an idea where to get it?

I am also removing both exhaust manifolds due to one that was cracked so, “while I’m at it” I thought I could have them coated for further heat reduction and make them prettier and in view by removing the metal heat shield. Is this doable or should i just leave things as they were?


Assuming a Series III XJ6 with a heat shield as shown at the bottom of this illustration

As far as I know the original heat shield is NLA from Jaguar. I’ve used material such as this to make new ones. The hardware/bracket bits are easily removed from the old shield



  1. is it really needed ? :wink:short an

Short answer

Long version
The heat shield is important to keep the compressor cool(er) and help it work efficiently and longer. The compressor generates all by itself, it converts cool low pressure refrigerant vapor to a hot high pressure vapor, then is run through the condenser which turns the hot vapor into a hot liquid, then through the receiver / dryer pulling out the moisture by sucking the refrigerant from the bottom of the dryer then goes through the evaporator, which is the bit that blows the cold air through the vents.

That’s asbestos. So chances are a like for like replacement is not likely. but here’s the part number
Series III XJ6 is C37293

The same goes for the heatshield on the exhaust manifold - meaning it’s worth keeping. Plus it will help keep the paint on your bonnet from heat checking (cracking).

The bolts that hold the heatshield on, go into the exhaust port so if you take that off you’ll have to come up with something to plug it. the bolts on the heat riser are too long without the heat riser (if memory serves me There are spacers on the back side that keep it up from the top of the exhaust manifold. Also, I believe there are rubber hoses that run along the top of the heat riser for the air pump. which may melt or crack if exposed to the heat.

I wanted to take mine off too; instead i polished it. the high temp clear coat I used to keep it looking nice turned out to be not so high temp; and discolored :frowning_face:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Doug thanks for all that info. it is indeed the shield I’m trying to replace.

Thanks Mark! Sounds like you researched my “upgrade” already so is there anything i can coat the manifolds with (maybe even the metal heatshield) while I have them out of the car? i read a post somewhere mentioning they had good luck with Jet Hot coating. Any other options that really do work?
I’m moving to hot south florida so I want to make sure that since I went through all that work to get the manifolds out i reinstall them better equipped to keep the heat out of the engine compartment.

I haven’t had any luck keeping coatings on the exhaust manifolds. Over tome the coatings chip or flake off. I suppose exhaust wrap would be another way to keep the head down. I haven’t done it because, well I haven’t. Yet.
I finally gave up on various coating and paints and I use graphite dry spray, it’s not paint it binds to the surface and when it wears off a simple re application can be applied without taking them off and preparing and Touch ups blend nicely. The net result is a flat sheen. Graphite color( go figure) but looks better than rust, oh and can be sprayed over rust too. Just not loose rust.
It doesn’t chip or flake off it just kinda disappears, then as long as the manifold is grease and oil free mask off the bits you don’t sprayed and give it a touch up coat.

I was going to get the manifolds completely cleaned up with a beeblasting machine to give a coating a better chance to stick but from what i read from you and the internet world even the best coatings need reapplied every few years so it sounds like wrapping the headers is the best solution. What did you use on your metal shield and does it help with heat as well or is it just for looks?

I just polished it. I did hit it with a high heat clear, but it discolored. So off it came and I just left it bare

Poor bees. I have had good luck with aluminized paint (lasted for years, car sold) and graphite works. Boiled linseed oil is something I‘ll look into, and that mixed with graphite is used on steam locomotives where it gets hot. Smokebox or firebox whatever the right term is.

A heat shield is infinitely more capable and easy to make.
Asbestos won’t need reapplying but it’s banned. Ceramics don’t really last forever but some do well, but it’s pointless on an xj with heat shield.

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Decarbonising gasket kit:” ah, the good old days!


As Doug said… make your own. I cut a piece of firm sheet metal and added the mount hardware. Not shown, but I then ordered a small sheet of thermal heat barrier usually used on floor pans or firewalls and attached it to sheet metal. Need to get pix of finished product.

Ha ha! Now if my AC actually worked it would do its job winderfully :joy:


Thanks Randy, do you remember the dimensions of that rectangular piece?

Took me a few hours to get where your “poor bees” came from :slight_smile:

I was hoping a magic coating was out there that would both make the exposed manifolds pretty to look at and heat shielding but it sounds like I’ll be better off wrapping the manifolds and reinstalling the metal heatshield then

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Doug where does the RH bracket attach to? it’s not clear on the diagram. Thanks!

One ear remains loose I think and the other attaches to the heat shield. Aluminized paint makes the headers look pretty for a long time and the heat shields take care of the rest :slightly_smiling_face:

Back in the day. Wood stoves fr heating and cooking. Cast iron stove black to make them look good

Linseed and carbon black ?


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Way back when I met a fellow that made old trucks look good for beet haulers. Paint. painted the manifolds with any paint. it burned off leaving a rust red. Nice…

I painted the down pipes on my lump in aluminized paint. Holding well and look good. Was going to paint the rest, never got to it. No matter, still look clean, No rust/

Linseed and carbon black is what I want to put on first. Maybe I‘ll also try linseed oil without anything and see if it turns out like a cast and glazed pan… gloss black. It won’t look as good as the enamel where it hasn’t chipped away but it will make the area blend in better.
I need a place where the smoke doesn’t disturb anyone.
The aluminized paint did wonders for the appearance and directly on the rust without prep too.

My memory is really being stretched here but I think one ear goes under an exhaust manifold bolt and the other ear, as mentioned, goes to the large manifold heat shield

This might help…a little:




Will find my old old or pop over to where I keep car and measure