A/C compressor heat shield

Looks like 10" x 4" and this is the self stick heat shield material I ordered from Moss.

And everyone should order this Jag coffee cup. Cheap and a beautiful blue with Jag logo :blush:

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Thank you all for your participation in my project. Well, I got lucky and was able to remove both exhaust headers without breaking studs. Only 4 out of the 16 nuts came loose, the other 12 were rustwelded to their stud but fortunately all unscrewed from engine without breaking. New studs, nuts and gaskets are on their way.
Found a local guy who is going to sandblast the headers clean for me before I paint them. It sounds like a few of you had good luck with aluminized paint so, I’d like to go that way as well.


  1. do i coat the new studs with anti-seize before screwing them into the block?
  2. what brand of aluminized paint would you recommend? If you can send me
    a link to what you used it’d be even better :slight_smile:

I’ll post a video soon for those interested in hearing that engine without headers


No paint that I am aware of will last long: stove black is cheap, but doesn’t last long, either.

Cerekote is an option: I believe @John_Walker has done it.

Just curious… would a powder coat on headers stand up to heat? Anyone a PC expert?


Not really: it’s not intended for those temperatures.

Definitely not, powedercoat is baked on. The headers will glow in use and a thermoplastic stands no chance!


Antiseize yes and I‘ve used dupli color aluminum paint here in Germany. Video, yes please!

Headers need Jet-Hot. That’s good stuff.

Sounds pretty good as is :heart: I somehow can’t load videos up just pics so for those who want a video send me your email or phone number

Hi, I have very little knowledge on this subject but could you not get the headers ceramic coated?


You have to upload it to YouTube or any other platform and share the link to the video.

Thanks for the suggestion David!


…and then the coolant surge tank melted.


Your video brings to mind this gem…

well if it did it was worth it :wink: