A/C electric auxiliary cooling fan

The A/C in my 1986 XJ-6 works OK not great but OK. The auxiliary fan does not seem to work. I have not heard/seen it run while the a/c is on. I have powered the fan and it is good. Please where does it pick up its power from the system/car? There is no listing in the fuse boxes and I do not see it on the wiring diagram.
Thank You John

This might help



Perfect…thank You !
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Mine hasn’t been on very often, only when it was really hot or than one time when I had to drive 120 miles without the main fan because of a clutch failure. When it came on the gauge must have shown more than 95°.

That’s exactly it, David; the set up may be working perfectly - and the aux fan doesn’t come on because the cooling system works well enough to keep the temp below triggering…

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