A/C for a 1964 Jaguar MKII 3.8

Simple question Has anyone out they installed A/C into a Jaguar MKII, I am looking at Vintage air systems and it’s a bit of a minefield in what to choose any help would be gratefully received.

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I have not, but anything is better than the factory units back in the day with the unit in the trunk and hoses under the length of the car.

I used a vintage air unit and mounted it in the trunk. Made a custom cover for it to hide it. Other than MK 10 style ducts on the rear shelf it looks way better. So the car stays cool but does not blow cold air on your face. But I felt that it’s more period correct than any cutting of the firewall and ducts by the dash. I suppose that you could utilize the speaker and console for some forward ducts. Would need to modify the carpets and console to accommodate that. Car looks totally original.

This is how the Coolaire system did if for the S Type back in the day.