A/C marginal? It might be a bad heater control valve

Well, I went to install the “upgraded” plastic version of the valve in Superblue today, and before disconnecting the pair of water hoses I checked to make sure the vacuum line/pipe would attach to the new one. I don’t know how you guys managed to do it, but the rubber “L-shaped” connector to it is just not large enough interior diam. to fit over the end where it goes onto the new valve, even with a bit of grease applied. :angry:

However, during the process I discovered something. Apparently the tiny vacuum hose/pipe is actually inserted into the opening in that corresponding end of the L-connector. They are not one unified part. When I put the connector back on the old (gold ball) valve, I then reinserted the hose/pipe into the middle of it as far as I could.

Since then, it seems NOW the OEM valve is operating properly, and I’m getting a lot less escaped heat out the dash vents whenever the heater is OFF. I guess the vacuum seal was not great before, and reinserting the pipe in the connector put things back like they should have been. “Cost” me about $15 to discover that error, but I’d say worth it. :smiley_cat:

Paul, i know you “fixed” the heater valve vacuum connection using your old valve.
But to answer your question about the pipe sizing, you can buy vacuum connector blister packs that change sizes end to end so you can connect different diameter tubings

For the specialty elbow hose that has a different size end on both sides, I ended up buying a brass elbow with the same two different ends as the rubber elbow, and then I used two short sections of commonly found different sized hoses to make the connection. No more custom hose for that connection!

Good thinking, JimD and VK … and I may have to go with it … I’m concerned the "fix " was only temporary, as once again I seem to now be getting some hot air coming out of the vents … :frowning_face:

First put in that plastic replacement part and see if anything gets better…put that $15 to good use!

I did find a packet of (4) assorted L-shaped “rubber” vacuum connectors of different sizes (i.d. and o.d.) for sale by A-Z, O’R’s, etc. I assume one of those will work? :confused: If not, then I’ll waste $6.00 more … :grimacing: