A/C O-rings - Advice please

Have checked out my 86 SIII climate control after reading all the great info here and think all is in pretty good nick. Want A/C this summer so going to get charge checked out.

Based on the parts info and diagram, a couple questions:

  • Should I have the A/C place replace the two expansion valve o-rings. Not sure of history

  • For the three A/C hoses in the system, do any of those have o-rings or are the fittings of another style. Assume no part listed so no…but maybe new hoses just come with o-rings if indeed they need them

Thanks - Randy

I think that before anythig you should just do a vacuum and leak test.
If it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it…

So very right!

It cost me a new Harrison compressor to learn that…

By the way, getting an R12 System refilled with R12 refrigerant nowadays can proove to be quite a hassle.
A good AC shop however can modify the system to take R134A without much problems.

You need a new filter/dryer for that.
The ac shop will empty the system of nearly all it’s oil and refrigerant and exchange it for compatible oil and R134a. A couple of adapters for the low- and high pressure connectors complete the trick.
Just keep in mind that you should fill about 3/4 of the R134A refrigerant compared to the stated R12 amount. The AC will work as a charm on R134A, heck even on LPG it will cool as hell (although LPG is very flammable and i wonder if anyone in his right state of mind would want the stuff anywhere near a high temp engine like the XK or V12.).

Thanks !! I did more snooping on my system and looked through old svc recs I got with it and it has already been converted to 134a. I plan to just start by having my local Brit shop do a basic leak/pressure test and fill as needed and go from there.

That’s the right way forward, Randy…

The weakness of the 134a refrigerant is that its less effective than the R12 - which of course is banned in Europe anyway…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

It’s banned to purchase new allright.
If one could find a shop that has old stock of R12, they will be allowed to fill an R12 system with it.

But, there are supposedly also universal R12 compatible refrigerants out there.
Saw them at Wallmart a few years back…(nowhere to be found on their website now)…