A/C Temperature Control "KNOB"

Hello, I’m looking for an A/C Temperature Control “KNOB” for the A/C panel, (left-hand side), for a 1995 XJS, Jaguar part # LHD7699BA which fits any year from 1992 - 1996 according to Jaguar.

Not sure that’s accurate….actually I know it isn’t.

At best it’ll probably be 1992-1996, but maybe even later than that! You’ll need a knob that has an interior ac panel that matches yours. I believe those were introduced in the facelift years.

You could be right, i ran across that same info you have but then I ran across the link below from Jaguar:

[> Blockquote] (LHD7690BA - Jaguar Air conditioning control panel | Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts)

I broke mine a number of years ago. I was difficult to find a replacement. Trust me on the knob…they aren’t intercahngeable through the years… It’s gonna be either 1992-1996, or 1994-1996.

Make sure you get pictures of what you’re buying if its anything other than 1995 or 1996…I remember paying way more than I should have, but what was I supposed to do???

Veekay, you are absolutely right, the info that I found on that Jaguar website is wrong, the part, as you said fits from 1992-1996 only.


So this knob change does not correspond with the change from Delanair MkII to MkIII?

1992-1993 also uses a different AC panel from the 1995-1996, so I wouldn’t be 100 percent sure that was the same knob either. I think 1994 would be good, but as I mentioned before, if it’s coming off a car before 1995, make sure you see plenty of pictures.

I have a 94 XJS and am also looking for this knob as mine disintegrated in my hand. It looks like they are almost nonexistent. Has anyone found anything comparable?

Hello, try Thoroughbred Motors in Sarasota, Fla., phone # (941) 359-2277, Website: http://www.thoroughbredmotorsfl.com

They had one a while back, maybe they still have it!!!
Good luck,

Pushing this to the top of the page. I am in need of finding a replacement for this knob, does anyone have one. 96 4.0 model.


I recommend that you post your request in the Jag-Lovers Classified Ads. Jag-Lovers rules require “For Sale” and “Wanted” items be posted in the Classified Ads sections and not in the model forums.


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I might have one from my 94 donor car.
As far as I recall there are two knobs and have different shaft sizes.
PM me with a clarification.

The 1996 has two, one for temp, one for blower speed. I only need temp but would buy blower if that’s how you need to sell it.

Sorry Paul, I will follow your instructions.
My apologies

On a related note, had a friend riding in Superblue yesterday and he noticed that slider control on the HVAC system. I told him that if slid to the left then the air flow is supposed to be more directed toward the face (i.e. dash vents), toward the right, then more to the legs (i.e. under dash vents). I had seen that explanation of the purpose of the slider posted somewhere on here before. He pointed out that, if that were the case, why is the symbol to the left in red (i.e. “heat”) and to the right in blue (i.e. “cold”), and they both have a face symbol on them. :crazy_face: I just told him that Jag goofed a bit in that labeling of the control … Now though I’m beginning to wonder if that is in fact correct, or is sliding the control to the left supposed to in fact make the air flow “warmer” and to the right “cooler/colder”, no matter where it is coming out at? If so, then why does it even have the temp. control knob? :confused:

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Well, the left biases the airflow more to the footwear and warmer. The right biases to the face vents and cooler

The temp control “sets” the temp the system tries to maintain as long as the system is set to auto via the fan speed switch.

Temperature and airflow bias are independent

If you find a solution to this puzzle, please let me know as I am also confused!!!

In my experience the slider results in a very subtle change. Until the system has stabilized in blend mode I don’t even feel a difference. And, even then, I notice only a temperature change; no airflow change.

But, the systems were revised slightly several times over the years. My experience is with the Delanair Mk II and early Mk III systems.


My experience was that it was so subtle doing whatever it did that I never could definitively determine what it actually did. :thinking: