A cautionary headlight tail

Note to self, before taking the headlight out and stripping it down, check that the F@#$#$^G bulb is seated properly.
This started when the WoF guys said that the main beam was out of alignment and they couldn’t adjust it.
OK initial thought was the adjuster had gone to lunch and failed to return.
So plan of action arrange for new adjusters to be on hand… Done
Jack car up, remove wheel to allow access to the wheel liner so that the bumper can be moved, done.
Remove headlight, remove rubber surround (remember this!) and use the heat gun to soften the mastic, done.
Remove the lens and look at the bulb sitting at a strange angle, BUGGER!!!
Spend the next three hours laboriously heating and scraping the mastic from the case and lens.
Re-assembly is the reverse of the dis-assembly, remember the rubber surround?
Turns out the adjuster Phillips head was worn out,:imp: luckily there is still a 6mm hex that will turn the adjuster :smile_cat:
Replace the head light and button up the bumper and replace wheel, take the car off the axle stand and torque the wheel nuts.
Replace all the tools and clear the bench…….what’s that rubber piece!!!
Tomorrows job.

I have two X-types as my ‘daily’ drivers, and I just retired my original X-type daily driver a couple years ago. So, for a total of three X-types, I had to take the headlights apart and change the adjusters on ALL of them. Hella has made a few apparently good items, and a couple ‘less than stellar’ items: (XJ6 high/low beam headlight relays, and X-type headlamps come to mind).