A couple of dodgy ads

Sorry, not sure if this sort of “slagging” is allowed or approved of, but I did think that both of these were worth notice…

Anyone willing to drop 89 large on a series 2.5 with a single pic??? :slight_smile:


(What’s a “conv.” anyway? )

Or - worse, perhaps you would like to weigh in on whether or not this seller has garnished this ad with, well, just a little TOO much information…?


Not trying to be nasty - just thought that these were worthy of a look… :slight_smile: Enjoy.

And sorry - what is a 2.5??? :slight_smile:

$140K for a “Resale Red” paint job and some new rubber? I bet it’s still pretty scruffy underneath, as it was NOT restored. That guy is dreaming!

But - most importantly, LOVE the backstory… :slight_smile:

It’s a 2.5 because it’s half way to the Series 3 which had the automatic transmission option in the OTS, just like this one claims to have… :smiley:

Oh! Well - that’s the first time I have ever heard that… ! Oops.

This pic of the S1 speaks volumes

Notice the transition from bonnet to A-post to door, in particular the mini-contours on either side of the gaps. Heavy. An indication of a lot of plastic filler.

I presume “conv” = “convertible”.

Interestingly, there was no such thing as a “series 1” either - it was just called an “E-type” as there wasn’t any anticipation of having to rename later models. So a “2.5” is just as made up as a “1” or “Series1.5” or “Series 1.25”, although the last few names are at least in common usage.

kind regards

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Good eye. Big yikes there! Also, the gap on the left side of the door looks too tight, though that might be due to the photography.

The gap between the front of the door and trailing edge of the B-Post in an E-type narrows as the door is opened. The two edges will tolerate very little filler. Excess filler and/or too narrow a gap and you’ll peel paint. The “solution” is to make the front door gap much wider than the gap at the shut panel and/or taper the edges. Either approach looks like crap.

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I think what’s truly amazing is that a hand-built car like this could be engineered, assembled and produced for a profit at its price point over its 12 years of production.