A Fidanza Update

I think I read it was 1.75” strombergs that provided slightly better metering.

Me and my New England Region friends were literally jumping up and down mad at what happened to Ken

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Luke… Many years ago (early 1980’s) when I was more into racing & these cars were much much cheaper, I talked to whom I believe was your grandfather Lou Fidanza about improving my engine. After some discussions & his recommendation, I ordered a set of Jahn’s pistons and exchanged my original head (No. 1572-9) for a rebuilt “performance” head from him. On the off-chance there are some cylinder heads around his shop, is it possible my original cylinder head may be stuck on a shelf somewhere. I would gladly buy it back if so.
It is nice to hear GTJ (builders of the world’s fastest Jaguars) is still around as Fidanza Performance. Your grandfather was the hero of all E Type owners (beating the factory teams) and his catalogue was the “bible” to us all. Many thanks for your update.

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Hi Luke, Lou worked on my series two back in 1978-80 so he changed carbs to 2" su’s which he stated were better than Webbers.

I watched Fred Baker race in the car at Nelson Ledges against big block cars and he Won both times I watched. When Lou picked me up at the airport he complained to me that Fred wanted his hotel room paid for when they raced out of town.

Man, now that’s the Road Atlanta I remember! :+1:

A little confusion here. My understanding was the C-Production was limited to three (3) litres, Jags typically run 3.8 to 4.2, so was there a ‘handicap’ or something going on for them to qualify for this class. The only thing that comes to mind is a de-stroked engine, down to below three litres. Anyone have any information on this. Just curious…

My recollection that was no class-wide restriction on engine size: if they were bigger engines versus smaller engines, that was handicapped by weight.

That makes some sense, but I can recall back in my SCCA days that most classes used the displacement as the standard. Jags at 3.8 or 4.2 would have been kicked up a class or two. I can recall when Bristols ran with the two litre engines in the Ace models, they were bumped up a class due to their dominating the smaller displacement classes. Three-liter Ferraris would run in C or D modified as they were so competitive.