A Gentleman’s Racer

So I’m thinking of mildly massaging my 56 MK VII and turning it into a classy Gentleman’s racer, a large “GT.” Along with the Dunlop racing wheels, disc brakes at all corners, a trans upgrade, I’m thinking of putting a triple carb’d 9 to 1, 3.8 engine in it. Does anyone know anyone who has tried such shenanigans? I’m sure the inner front fender will need a little cut-out to handle that third carb, no?

there is a really good write up on disc conversion for MKVII a couple of years ago in the Saloon forum

pretty sure there are pics/info via Google or this forum on MK7 tri carb fitment

one of our club member has a MK9 with 4.2 and tri-carbs, minor mods

do you have the engine on hand already ?

Yes, I have the engine. How could I look up the disc conversion on the MK VII? I’d love to see how the trip carbs looks in the MK 9.


to find things on this forum…enter the search term in the top RH corner “magnifying glass” icon, use advanced search tab…or use Google

As you have the engines, make jigs using wire, this should give you a 3D model fairly quickly.
Most important is to prove out any serious obstacles…such as steering column on RHD

This is what I did with my upcoming tri carb conversion…steering column is my issue, very tight

Fantastic. Thanks for the info.

You don’t really need a triple carb setup unless you want. I’ve turned my Mk2 into a gentleman racer with all the things you’ve described and more. I went with the 420 dual carb manifold 2x HD8’s and a custom cold air intake. It’s more than enough for these engines and with the bigger carbs you need the low end torque vs. high rpms anyway. Didn’t require any cutting to fit, but I made a small hole to pipe in cold air.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I just happen to have a spare triple engine and the MK VII i just bought needs one so I thought it would look groovy in there. I appreciate the feedback.