A little kudos for one of the usuals

Yesterday at 12:15pm I ordered a brake servo from Welsh Parts (Ohio). It arrived at my place, outside Philly PA, at 10:30am this morning, in good condition. FedEx shipping was $18.

Now I can’t complain about that!


Wow! That’s McMaster-Carr quality delivery!


correction: My wife tells me it actually got here around 9:15am

They are good. Even work weekends to package for Monday shipping

Was that the lowest cost delivery option or did you pay for overnight service?

I did not request overnight. It was ordinary FedEx ground. I do not know the lowest cost option.

Yes, then kudos to Welsh and to FedEx.

UPS ground is next day within about 250 miles. Steubenville-Philly is right on the edge.

I’ve also had good experiences with Welsh. The best one was several years ago with John Kasich, who was able to source all the necessary parts for my 1971 Series 3 V-12 FHC automatic to 4-speed conversion. Famous last words, “Well, let me see what we have in the basement.”