A little more help on the interior?

I am getting frustrated dealing with interior components that do not fit properly. This is another one. That piece of hardura that covers the sloping part of the floorboards just behind the seats.

This middle pic above shows the old and new. The new is smaller top-to-bottom (in the pic) and the “ears” come to points rather than squared off as they need to be. The other two pics show the new on top of the old and demonstrate the poor fit.
My question is was I sent a piece that fits a later car? Anyone seen a hardura in this location that has pointy ears and is much narrower on the front to back dimension?

Scot, I think those Harduras for the sloping floor were different depths depending on whether the car has the seat cutouts or not. Also, the folding luggage flap will be a different height depending on the same thing.

See the (red) Hardura pictured in the headliner thread. That has the cut-outs and is the narrow type, like you received.

BTW, if you haven’t installed the folding luggage flap yet, I found it way better to use 10-32 T-nuts for securing the hinges to the flap. The tiny wood screws Jaguar used originally weren’t a great idea.

Scott I’m not aware of them being different after the seat changes …. Can you send it back? And get them to make to your patten?

Thx Clive, Danny. My car will be a bit of a bastard as it came to me without an interior. I bought all the interior components from a March 62 car. So those pieces are a lot like Clive’s '62 FHC. I’ll not declare the Hardura on the sloping floor “wrong” until I see how it all fits together. I’ve enough problems with the supplier w/o making false claims.
That said, I’m fitting up the luggage flap (the Hinged Extension Assembly) and the associated vertical Support Rail for Hinged Extension yesterday and today. So, Clive, I am interested in how your luggage flap was mounted. I’ll go look at your photos. I do note that the front of the vertical luggage support Rail along with the bulkhead was covered in vinyl as opposed to a combination of moquette and vinyl. Was yours like that Clive? See pics. The car this came from did not have a scalloped bulkhead whereas my car does. I’ll have to make so modifications.

Awesome job Scott. My back hurts just looking at those pictures! Seems like being a contortionist would be a handy skill to have with these cars.

thanks Ben. I keep plugging away at it. At 5’-9", I’m not a large as some fellows doing this job. I pity them more than me. It keeps me flexible for sure.

I think the narrower Hardura piece you show is probably correct for you car. Your car has the seat cut-outs, right?

Before Jaguar added the seat cut-outs, the flap support piece (the cross piece that the flap closes down onto) was fixed along the front of the rear bulkhead. That’s how mine was.

After the seat cut-outs were added, that piece was smaller and I believe it was then fitted along top of the rear bulkhead, just back of the cut-outs. And I think the hinged flap was shorter in height.

My car didn’t have the seat cut-outs so I added one just on the driver’s side. (I’m 6-3", or al least I was when I did this.) So I modified the flap closure piece accordingly.

On my car, the front of the rear bulkhead was covered in Moquette and the front of the closure piece above it was covered with vinyl so I did it that way. This is about the only photo I have that includes a glimpse of that area. Yours will be different.

And this shows the flap closed on the driver side.

s v rear deck

Note the vertical flap closure strip on the wheel arch which is lacking on later cars.

When I restored this car, it was way before there was any Jag-lovers or internet forums. Very little info available and no one cared anyway because the cars weren’t worth much. I just liked the E-Type and wanted to own one and eventually restore it myself.

Here’s what my car looked like when I picked it up from Toronto Docks in 1977 after I had shipped it over from England. Wrecked by Customs and thieves.

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Here is a link to the 62 FHC

Thank you both Clive and Danny. Very helpful.

Possibly. Although Harvey’s car - Jan 1963 - has this piece with the wider ears as do others I’ve seen. Still, the pointy ears may be correct and other trim providers simply make what they wish. It may be that it is a moot point when the extension board and it Support Rail are in place and cover up this area. Time will tell.

Yes, I figured this out with the part I have from the March62 car. But it clearly has/had a vinyl covering that continued on down to cover the front of the bulkhead. No moquette on the bulkhead in its case.

The above pic is when I was figuring out how it went and it is fitted to the front of the bulkhead ignoring the scallops. My intention here was to determine the height difference in the Support Rail if mounted to the bulkhead vs. on top of the floor. 11/16". My plan is to bend the bottom edge in a brake and mount it to the flat part of the sloped floor. If only I had a 48" brake.
Clive, note how the Support Rail in your picture is slanted rearwards at its top. When I move this Support Rail it will become near vertical. The Hinged Extension (the Flap) is located by its hinges, so I’ll just lower it and place the Support Rail so that aligns with the two Studs that fit into its top edge. It may be that I’ll have to shorten the Hinged Extension but I don’t think so.
Yes my car doesn’t have those vertical strips on the Wheel Arches.
Here’s two pics of the Support Rail in place but sitting too tall as I haven’t yet bent the bottom edge. When I bend it, the Flap will lay at the same slight angle it did originally.

Oh my! You had to be disappointed and certainly had your hands full with that project! What you made of that dockside mess was outstanding!
Danny, those pictures are amazing and give incredible detail. I wonder if that radiator was any good? The pics about/near the Hinged Extension are great…but nothing captured that Support Rail. Still, very good information. Here’s your Flap in the raised position.

On those hinges, do you happen to know what sort of screw was used to fasten to the body? My car has the holes in the body where the hinge attaches filled in with body putty and painted. I’ve looked through my bunch of screws from the Mar62 car and I don’t recognize anything.
Thank you both so much.

For the hinges, i used spire nuts and self tappers for the body and T-nuts and machine screws for the wood.

Okay, good to know. Spire nuts are these?

Those are the clip type which you don’t want. I used the plain ones without the clip.

I was wondering. Two people divided by a common language! :slight_smile:

OK, speed nut, tinnerman nut, spire nut, flat spring nut, whatever.

Like this.

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That is what Ive always called them…? Have been wrong all these decades?

(sure wouldn’t be the first time…)

Okay, I go it. Thank you Clive. I just finished drilling the holes for the hinge screws. I could see evidence of where they were previously. Turns out the screws had been broken off or sawed off in their holes. Always fun to drill out the screws that are 3Xs harder than the surrounding metal. But it is done.

No Scott that’s not my car … it was auctioned but I was trying to get originality photos. It sold for $180+$18 buyers premium ….has since been restored @ $200k plus ….no the radiator was stuffed !

Does this photo help on where the front of rear bulkhead?

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Here’s some pics of mine in this area, which may help? Note the scallops around the hinges aren’t strictly accurate, but maybe help the hardura sit flatter in the area. Also, think my car wouldn’t have had covers over hinges, but IMO make the whole install much tidier.

My recollection of the hinge screws is they are a countersunk chromed metal screw with a coarse thread, and the tips truncated…

Hi Scott,
We’ve talked about the fact that you need to follow the SPC very closely when it comes to the hardware used for the boot extension. I can see 3 distinct phases in the part numbers from 62 into 63. It was an evolution and the early cars had fewer parts, to do effectively the same thing. I know the hinges changed significantly in early 63. Just something to keep your eye on when looking at photos of other cars. It would be interesting to tie the addition of the seat cutouts to the changes in the boot extension design.

One thing I found annoying- The curved cutout on the boot extension board has to be cut back to its minimum profile in order to allow it to be raised to a vertical position and just clear the arc of the fenderwells. When you lower it flat, the curved cutout has a gap, on my car. You can’t reshape it to close up the gap because then you can’t raise it all the way. Once the seats are installed it is not something you spend much time looking at but it did stick out to me as I installed these pieces. I also had to “finesse” the holes in that fixed vertical piece to get it to line up flush with the front edge of the hinged board. Just some things you will probably run into.

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Interesting, went through similar pain. The hinged panel and support rail were missing on my '64. I made the support rail & found an early tall hinged panel which I had to shorten. It doesn’t have the fold up luggage restraints.