A matter of paint

When I was teaching my daughter to drive where we parked was also part of the lesson. There were a few rules. 1) never park on a slope, some idiot will park above you and when they open the door gravity will propel the door into your car. 2) Never take two parking places, even If the parking lot is deserted. It will invariably piss someone off for no apparent reason. 3) In a worst case scenario, protect one side of the vehicle. Park next to the curb, or a disabled spot which are usually larger. And keep it tight to that side so that the other vulnerable side has more space.4) Finally park where the workers park, chances are you will be gone before they get off work. BTW I tried to impart these rules to the wife. I will leave it up to your imagination as to what happened next. ( smile )


Doing a new color is easy, IF you strip everything off the car. That’s why old 50s/60s cars are so easy. I know someone who is doing a 58 Chevy, not much that needs to come out to get the body totally by itself for a full repaint, any color.

Our XJ-S’s, who here has stripped everything, and I mean everything, to expose just the body? Sounds like a nightmare to me.

I’m into the 9th month of my repainting project.
And still the same colour and just painted the door jambs, not the inside nor engine bay…
Had to repair some rust though and take the screens out.

Yah, that’s a lot of clay bar and a good Maguiers wax (no affiliation) . You’re correct in your earlier statement we don’t seem to have the same issues as you have in the warmer states with clearcoat. Mind you this was a pampered car When I got the car. It was originally purchased in Vancouver by the original owner , who was an elderly gentleman and paid a king’s ransom of $69000 CAN. Way out of my league. It led a sheltered life in its garage. In fact it didn’t move for five years, because his 20 year younger wife wanted a Bentley from the same dealership instead. I don’t think he really wanted to part with the car so it just sat there. Come on, I don’t blame him , a mere Bentley for a Jaguar?
Anyway I digress, that’s what makes my paint decision so difficult, they’re only original once.
I was also contemplating going to a new ceramic wax which is supposed to stand up to the elements 10X better.

I pretty much did; glass, all exterior trim, door handles, doors themselves. Bumpers, lights, antenna, and door seals. Didn’t do the engine compartment, underside of hood, or underside of deck lid because they are easier to do separate. It is a lot of work, but essential for a color change.

I would have to raise my hand to doing a total strip of my 86 V12 coupe. It is but a rolling chassis that’s been stored inside a shipping container waiting for my return. I’ve always wanted to change the color but I don’t think I’ll actually know which way I’m gonna go until I get back to working on it.

You’re in luck Greg, there’s a company in the UK (KWE) , they just sent me an e-mail that’ll strip the car down to bare metal, do a full rotisserie, strip down the engine and upgrade all the outdated stuff. But you’ll probably be handed an invoice for $100 K.

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I went to see them with my '96 celebration for some work a few years back. They are eye-wateringly expensive but true perfectionists. The boss had the guys actually counting the number of twists in the lock-wires before allowing them to re-fit the rear cages. I would have used them (if I could have afforded their prices!). As it is, I take the view that the dings and chips on my paintwork are long service medals - part of the history of the car.


Thanks Frankie, agreed, not that I could afford them , it would probably cost me $20K just to ship my car there to the UK and back. From what I can tell they do some amazing work. They also e-mail me a lot of useful maintenance tips for preserving these cars which is great.

my 88 has original paint except one door was repainted… po had something in garage fall and break door glass and scratch… anyway the rest is great original… always inside at night.garages makes a difference

I just stripped what I could, left the rest for the paint shop to mask off.

Probably where the Royal family goes for their Jaguars!

…otherwise known as, “The MAACO Gambit.”


You guys are funny, I didn’t think I would even have as much action on this original post, but I think I’ve generated a lot of emotions and opinions of how to handle an older XJ-S . I must admit I was driving through the United States in 1978 ( I’m guessing) , we were on our way to Graceland , cause Elvis recently passed. The only thing I remember is this white XJ- S went by us silently, quickly and with purpose. That day I saw the most beautiful car in my life. What can I say I’m a sucker and love Jaguars.

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Oh and one more point, it even comes with
a V-12??
Thank you all you guys for all your expertise. My wife thinks I’m nuts for the time I spend talking to you all about an old car, but isn’t it the most fun you’ll ever have in your life and still keep your clothes on?
Just seyin??

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speaking of Elvis… iirc it was in 1966… stopped by Graceland with my 58 Corvette… talked to EPs uncle. at gate… a new white 66 toronado chauffeur driven with woman in back seat comes in… i said who’s that… he says someone named Priscilla.

That used to be RA Creamer and Sons; I think its now Quinn Lyons Ltd https://www.quinnlyons.org/


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Aye, the clear coat on my 88 Tbird did not fare well… Others of the era as well as I noted around here. Some far worse than mine!!

Hammerite got nice range of “hammered” finish. That’s being said - you can do it yourself like I did. All the future patches and touch-ups will require only a fresh brush and something to open the paint can.
You will save 90% of your retirement on repainiting your XJS each summer…

Who said that your car must be nice and shiny. Trends? Fashion? The Church? Adverts? Why not converting your Jag into a perfect culture jamming tool that will blow away the plastic lifestyle in your neighbourhood, will shock the zombies having the same shiny cars, on the same driveways, with the same plastic personality and fake/altered teeth to allow same perfect smile.


Can’t help myself, I want that e-mail too, must be pretty good stuff if it does all that. If it wasn’t for the $100K!

I‘ve seen an USA painted E Type once and it was dipped in black paint. Torsion bars, brake hoses, calipers, discs, nothing was spared… sad sight. Speaking of which how was the final result Janusz?