A morning around Brands Hatch

(Ian) #1

Well last year I was 60 , had a gift of a morning around Brands Hatch , I had heart problems , so had to delay it to last week , first was to drive a M5 , then a F3 , then a passenger ride is a Touring car , not ashamed to say I was the slowest in the F3 out of 6 of us !


(Robin O'Connor) #2

NIce pressy, for my 60th the wife gave me a ticket for a Rally car drive in a Forrest circuit just south of Auckland.
The initial ticket was for a FWD car but had the option to upgrade to an Evo 111 4wd, didn’t take much to decide which way to go :slight_smile:
We had an introductory drive by the head instructor in a big 4wd and then three goes with a brave guy sitting next to me. Manual box of course, it was surprising;

  1. how quick the car was on the brakes and acceleration
  2. how low down the rev range he was getting me to change gear

We knew how long the circuit was and the wife timed one of my runs at an average of <>90klm/hr

THEN we had instructors revenge, this 21yo took each driver around…averaged 120 clicks oh well I knew it was too late to take it up any way :slight_smile:


(Paul Wigton) #3

Slow… is better than pranged.



((Paul)) #4

Heart problems…how romantic :slight_smile:

So cool. That would be some experience and sends my imagination reeling.
So are you addicted now? Going back again?

I think I’d be.

Glad you’re well.


(Paul Wigton) #5

Driving a race car—well—is the most fun one can have, with one’s clothes on.


If I won the gazillo-Lotto, Id prolly go back into racing.

Till the money ran out again…:wink:


((Paul)) #6

Oh I believe it.
That’s great you had the opportunity and experience.

After all these years, just getting into F1 racing … you got me dreamin’


(Ian) #7

To be honest , the best part of the day was being driven around by someone else at great speed , Brands Hatch is only just up the road from me , racing has never really crossed my mind , have a few more mods I want to do on my MK2 , once they are done , may get a set of slick tyres on it and book it in for a track day ,

Have been up there a few times , to see the Jags racing about !

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(Paul Wigton) #8

Be VERY, very careful with that step: not only do suspension settings have to be changed to use slicks properly, the use of them WILL make the handling quite different, and also can make the breakaway point much, much higher which, if not accompanied by a concomitant high level of driver competency, can really ruin your day.


(Ian) #9

Figure of speech Wiggles Figure of speech :roll_eyes:

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