A question for the auto sparkies

Because we are now both retired it can be a few days/week before we use some of the cars.
I am thinking that I would like to be able to plug a solar panel into the cigar lighter socket.
The problem being that it is dead with the ign off. Anybody changed that so that its live with the key out?
This is on the 3.0 X Type

I did that once years ago with a small solar panel: I just ran leafs from the battery up to the solar panel that were quick disconnects.

That’s what I am doing on the XJR, battery in the boot so the panel sits on the back seat, the X has the battery in the engine bay so the panel will have to sit on the wifes seat so I am looking for an easier connection point.

You might try the plug in the trunk. It might be live with the ignition off.

Thanks Grahame, not sure where the plug is located?

It’s under the floor boards. I have a wagon now but I’m trying to remember where it was on my sedan.

Thanks I’ll have a look tomorrow.

As an alternate, the flasher circuit is always hot. You could tap into it before the solenoid and have a hot circuit that you could route to any convenient place.

Maybe also the wiring to the radio.