A slight whine in an F-type?

(Ole Würtz) #1

When driving this fantastic intoxicating car with SWMBO next to me, I tend to take it a little easy and with the loud button in off mode.
(This car can be quite the quiet continental cruiser)
When in quiet mode, I notice a whine from what I believe is the rear end. I don’t think it’s the supercharger making this noise. I only hear it with slight load on the drive train, before the exhaust overstimulate the senses.
Is this a known issue or “feature” ?

Cheers … Ole

(Gunnar Helliesen) #2

Can’t say I’ve noticed any rear end whine in my F. Then again, mine’s a convertible, so there are plenty of other noises to worry about.

I once had to take the rear seat out of my (then) '86 SIII XJ6 out for repairs - the resulting rear end whine almost drove me nuts. Put the back seat back in and the noise was gone. Had the diff checked out, but other than sweating a little oil it was fine.

Moral of the story? Rear ends will whine, but if you can’t hear it your nerves are better off for it. So add more noise insulation and stop worrying. :wink:


(Ole Würtz) #3

Thanks Gunnar,
As mentioned. It is a slight whine and probably nothing to worry about.
Maybe when the dealer finally send me the missing cargo cover, I won’t be able to hear it anymore. :grin:
Cheers … Ole

(Mike B) #4

I’m very late to the topic. My 15 R has a slight (what I would describe as “whistle”) from the rear when you coast around 50mph or so. Much faster or slower it’s not audible. Others have said it’s normal.

(Ole Würtz) #5

That sounds abort the same as mine.
Thanks Mike

(Ole Würtz) #6

I have an appointment with the local Jaguar Landrover Garage to have the differential checked out in two weeks. (Warranty expires March 31 2019)
The Tech (no mechanics these days) will take it for a test drive and if he agrees that the whine is excessive, an oil sample will be sent to Jaguar USA for analysis. If they agree, I’ll get it replaced.
FYI, I was told that they have had a few cars, not model specific, with diff issues that warranted replacement.

(Mike B) #7

Interesting, I look forward to your updates.

(Ole Würtz) #8

Had the F-type in for diagnose last week.
The whine is considered normal. it’s typically around the 55-65 mph and they “all” have it.
So - no new diff.
Just to get something out of my visit, I bought this set of tea/coffee mugs. ($30)