A smorgasbord of Jag parts Series 1 and Series 2

Description: Here is a listing of everything in this photo, along with my asking prices. If you wish to purchase more than one of these items, we can work out a package deal.


A. Series 1 steering column bracket - removed from a 1967 Series 1 - $75
B. Series 2 steering column bracket - removed from a 1969 Series 2 - $75
C. Steering column - 1967 Series 1 - missing the telescoping section at the top of the column - $300
D. The crush section of a Series 2 - removed from a 1969 Series 2 - $150
E. The entire upper section of a Series 2 steering column (does have the telescoping section) - $400
F. The bracket for an early Series 2 without the steering column ignition lock - $100
G. A new unused SU electronic fuel pump - SOLD

If you’d like more photos of any of the items, please send me a PM.

PLEASE send all offers to me via a Private Message (PM)

Location: Dallas, TX

Cost of shipping (if selling): Depends on where you live and the weight of the shipment, but all shipping costs are on you.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes, but again all shipping costs are your responsibility.

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I’d be interested in #E for $200 IF the rotational slop between the lower and upper sections are close to zero. The section I’m referring to is the one that contains the “unmolested” nylon shear pin.

I’ll send you an up close set of photos. I’m 99.999% certain that the two shear pins are intact. $200 is a bit lower than i was expecting. Let me get you some photos first.

Hi, is the fuel pump positive or negative earth? If positive, I am interested.

I will check, but I doubt that it is positive since the car it was purchased for originally is negative.

Definitely negative ground.

Thanks, thought I’d take a chance. Let me know

FYI, I read the instruction page that I have with the fuel pump. It notes that positive ground pumps are marked with red sealing tape and negative ground pumps are marked with black sealing tape. Mine has the black tape. Just thought I’d pass that on to you.

Thanks for checking. Good luck with sale.

SU fuel pump is SOLD.