A wee bit of rust

My 88 XJS coupe has a wee bit of rust around the rear body fenders underneath, right behind rear tires where the drain exits for the rear trunk areas.

I assume this is a high prone spot, with water draining and tires splashing. Rest of my paint is in great shape, so I’m not planning on repaint anytime soon.

Is it worth sanding it down and priming it for now? Maybe even some Por15 to hold it?

ahhh, i see this “extension panel” (#2) is separate (i thought it was part of body), and can be purchased?
Part numbers BHC1374 & BHC1375? Are the drain holes already there? Easy to replace (one day)? So let the rust just rust?

Sell it! Quick! Before it crumbles to dust!

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I’m glad to see that you’ve reached such a level of detail Greg !!!
A bit of rust killer, sand, a touch of paint and you are good to go.
Or even drill a hole and put a rubber plug or something.

Many will see, few will understand…

If like mine, surface rust- sand, POR. and topcoat if you like. The hole is actually a tube that has the hoses inside the “boot” for the fuel filler pocket and deck lid drain trough. Tube isn’t painted on it’s inner surface and rust works it’s way from there.


Ho Ho Ho.

On a serious note, those panels seem to be available…besides the rust, there are many pock marks from rocks, etc. ONE day in my overall restoration, I’d like to replace them. But looking at my car, i don’t see any seams, my lower panel seems to be part of the overall fender??

If I can replace, do you just remove rear bumper, and then the panel will come off?

I don’t believe those panels are easily removed like the similar"closing panels" on the XJ6s that are held in place by screws. I’d say some cutting and welding would be required.
Regarding rock damage, I am a believer in mud flaps as protection for paint behind the wheels. I installed OEM mud flaps on all four wheels of my two XJ6s, and XJ12. I installed rear OEM mudflaps on my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible as shown in the attached picture. They really do a good job of protecting the paint behind the wheels from sand and gravel damage.

Even though Jaguar made front OEM mud flaps for some XJ-S model years, they don’t fit the 1990 MY without rubbing against the tires in tight turns. There is no need to ask me how I learned that lesson. :wink:



Got mine repaired yesterday:


I bought a pair here a few months ago. My panelshop guy says they’re fit for purpose:


Nice! So are the old ones cut out and new ones welded in?

Indeed. You can see from that first photo what happens if you let them go…

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The little vent holes in boot had a bit of rust around them too…so for now, Por15 there, por15 on bottom panel around hole, and even got a q-tip and put some inside vent hole. That should hold it for a while.

All because vent tubes were blocked (one for antenna too)
Clean those vents!!!