AB14 Amp Internals Question

Does anyone have the specs on the resistors/diodes/whatever in the white “blob” in the amp? On mine, the output to the fuel injection quit. Plugging the tach output into the fuel injection line gets the car running just fine. I know we can replace the ignition module and condensor, but am wondering if there’s a replacement for the “blob”? I asked my mechanic about the putting a Y connector on the tach output and letting it drive both, but he didn’t recommend it. Anyone else tried this? It’s an '85, fwiw. Thanks in advance.

Robert,10K resistor for tach, and 6.8K resistor for EFI ECU.Nicely explained in Kirbert’s “Book” on page 155.
Good luck and welcome!



Thank you, DavetheLimey! I looked in the book but somehow missed that! I re-read the page and, duh, there it is right in front of me! Thanks also to Robert for the diagram, I now have the info I need.