Ab14 ign amplifier

What is this part B
Amp inside
in the ign amp. And where can I get a new one. It appears not to be in some amps only in jaguars

Commonly known as “the resistor blob”. There are a couple resistors in there.

Floating around in the inter webs is a diagram of the blob.



Here’s the diagram.
Lucas-GM ignition

Kinda pricey, but I bought a new AB14 amplifier box a couple years ago (My wiring was shot). A lot of those big blobs don’t exist now, I guess because technology has got much better. Also, I ‘think’ the new GM modules are higher tech too, so don’t need as much protection?

FWIW, the expensive new box came with a no-name module! I made sure to replace it with a $35 GM Delco module. Only one that really works well in our cars. Check the archives.

Oh, and C is just a “?” to reduce noise interference with the radio. I removed mine. Known issue, and my radio works fine without it.

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I had a dancing tachometer on tick over. I fitted a brand new amplifier and the problem has now gone. So perhaps one of those resisters was the problem.