Abandoned XJ220

O.K., this brought tears to my eyes … :sob: The owner should have been drug behind it for doing this …

Who Would Get Rid Of This Car?

This car is pretty dirty at the moment, but underneath all of that grime and dust is an extremely rare Jaguar XJ 20. The two-seater was the fastest standard production car according to the 1994 to 1999 editions of the Guinness Book of World Records, reaching 217.1 mph.

MAD LAB/Youtube

This was a true luxury car, and here it is completely abandoned. You’d have to be pretty rich to abandon a car of this caliber. Back in the day, it was sold for around $200,000.

No pictures! I’m guessing its probably one from Dubai. If you want to cry look up abandoned supercars of Dubai. Apparently lots of the super rich will go there, but a supercar to run around in and then park them somewhere and never go back. Drrrrrr

Yeah, for some reason the picture did not post when I posted the article. Can’t figure out why it won’t. :frowning_face: The car is that deep “cobalt” blue color, though – could at least make that out still despite all the dust and dirt on top of it.

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It may be a great buy opportunity!

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There you go

Thanks, Jason! :smile:

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