About fixing a side mirror of MKV

The last bolt among the three bolts for the rightside milrror in the attached photo of my MKV cannot be fixed in the black hole for it. Please give me an advice.

I think you may have to replace the mirror(s) with new. Lucas reproduction mirrors are a reasonable substitute, and are available as a one stud mounting type or a self tapping two screw mount. Convex and flat are available. Photo shows one fitted to a Morris Minor.

I take it you want to keep the rusty side mirror , in not buy a new one problem solved !
If you do wish to keep it , there may be a slight misalignment with the holes , take the 2 screws out and turn the mirror see if they line up better , if not .
Cut the head off another screw and glue it in place !

The part inside that receives the screw is broken or moved out of place. You would have to remove the glass to see how to fix it, so I would say its not really repairable.
That mirror is not original to a Mark V, nor for that matter is the one on the Morris. The original would have been a Lucas mirror on the front wing, held by a single stud and nut.

Several options are available here.

Thank you for the advice. Please paraphrase the last sentence ( :Cut the head off another screw and glue it in place ! ) which I cannnot understand.

Thank you for the good Information.

Thank you for the inormation and the Beautiful photo.

I think the alien was making a joke.
Here is the correct mirror from Moss and others. You can get it for left or right side, and with flat or convex glass. I prefer the convex.

It was actually optional on the Mark V in some countries, although one on the driver side was required in some states of the USA at the time.

No, no joke , if there is no way of screwing a screw in , cut the head off a screw the same , and glue it in the hole !
only you and us lot would know , to everyone else it would look right ! image_1347%5B1%5D

Ha, ha. Look right but won’t work right, you need the equally distributed force of the 3 screws to hold the mirror tight so it won’t move around with vibration.

Thank you for paraphrasing. Now I understand well what you mean.
A screw of the same model can be put into the hole without cutting. It is indeed probably easier to glue it in the hole after cutting. But cutting the head of it is difficult for me. Is there no hindrance then in glueing it in the hole without cutting, too ?

Thank you for pointing out the remaining Problem.

No if it fits in the hole , longer the better !