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For discussion of Motorcycles in general, as well as Swallow Sidecars, the genesis of Jaguar. Please feel free to discuss any brand of motorcycles.

And of course, please deep dive into the art of motorcycle maintenance!

Any owners of Swallow Sidecars are especially welcome to join us here, as Jaguar Cars started life as the Swallow Sidecar Company in Blackpool in 1922.

As always, please keep it civil.

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Well, this might be a category that opens up a complete can of …something.
I will open with a ducati 350 desmo single that could sing beyond 11,500, and blew up beneath me, when the clear plastic tubing which was used to drive the the tach, failed, and logged into the valve-train with disastrous effects. Loved the bike, handling, get-up-and-go, lightness, and long powerband. Another lifetime, fearless and quicker reflexes. Not sure what the category is about, thought I’d share this one.

Tell me more: not sure of the “logged-in, blowing up” mechanism. I know how a desmo valve train works.

Speaking of 350s: The only motorcycle I’ve ever owned was a Yamaha RD350 two stroke. That thing was absolutely insane. Almost impossible to drive in normal street traffic and it got about the same mileage as my old Volvo. But once you pulled it beyond 6-7k rpm or so, it went nuts.

I sold it when I realized that it wasn’t my fault that I was still alive. If you see what I mean.

Probably my spelling causing confusion. The tach was driven off the desmo drive in the head and had a slotted bush which connected the drive to the rev counter drive (tach ultimately). The slotted bush was secured in its location by a piece of clear tubing (i kid you not) which encircled the bush and “locked” its location. In my case I think the tubing dried out, and released that slotted bush into the desmo gearing, immediate seize at speed, down went bike and rider. Forensics found pieces of bush, plastic collar, etc.