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For discussing the great Jaguar saloons, such as the MK1, MK2, (original) S-type, 420, MKX/420G, MKVII-MKIX, 240/340, as well as the Daimler variations.

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I think Mark V should be removed from this category, as it has the pushrod engine and is therefore better covered in the pre-xk category. Make it Mark VII - Mark IX instead.

I am inclined to agree with you. I admit that I made the same mistake while working up the text for the Saloon model guide on the static part of the site.

I have now changed the text.

Hi Andrew I’m having trouble accessing the archives. The search box doesn’t seem the yield much. Any pointers? Thanks, David


The existing guide is a bit superficial, I’ll give you that.

Tell me what you are trying to find specifically and I’ll include it in the guide as an example.