ABS Codes 1989 XJS

Does any have the ABS codes for a 1989 XJS?
I have bought two manuals and both are missing the pages with the ABS codes.
Any help wound be great.

Cheers Trevor

I have done some work on the ABS system in wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible and I never read about codes in that system. It has the amber ABS light and red BRAKE lights to indicate system malfunctions. I think the ABS codes came with the later facelift (1992 or later) cars.

What problem are you having with tour ABS?


I believe this covers 1989.

I also found this and it has more ABS Codes.

ABS Test Procedure & Codes.pdf (116 KB)

Thanks BobboSD1 with your info I now have the ABS fixed.

I had a ABS light on and after bridging the harness near the ABS computer. I read the flash code on the ABS light on the dash and Bobbo SD1 gave me the codes to read and repair the broken sensors on the car.


I am so glad that the instructions worked for you.


Just found this on the forum and would like to thank BobboSD and TBIRD, the list of codes is invaluable, well done for posting the list, much appreciated.