to whomever suggested my abs problems (two activations in one day) were
related to following too close, in both cases you too were only to to

as for Ds on the O-level, i don’t place too much stock in those. i had
an english teacher who handed back papers from A-F to embarass the
last-place finisher. one day he handed my F to me last and told me:
“mr. brenner, if you had to write for a living, as your parents do (both
journalists), you would starve to death.” I went on to a 20-year career
as a journalist schlepping around the world, and thence on to several
years as a speechwriter for cabinet (ministry) secretaries. and, the
guy who got Ds in Econ 101-102 was a speechwriter to two treasury
(ministry of finance) secretaries.

all of which led to the job that allowed me to afford my jag, thus the
connection between to, too, and the jag-lovers list.


eliot brenner
annandale, va.
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