Abs traction control

(pleanman) #1

I had an intermittent abs/tract failure light for ages, now it’s decided to stay on permanently. The sensor have been cleaned a few times but changed nothing.
Also my new obd reader show no fault codes within the abs/tract system but does show equal speeds for all wheels,( straight line) , thus ruling out sensors
Is there an easy test to determine if it’s an ecu or pump problem?


(motorcarman) #2

The ABS module has a log of the DTC(s). You need to read the codes to determine what fault is causing the Malfunction Indicator Lamp.

We can all guess and guess!!!
Let the guessing begin.


(pleanman) #3

There are no codes to read. The reader come up with ‘no codes stored’ for the ABS system, although the dashboard module does have the light as lit which i already knew by looking at it. This is with a profession reader with updated software.