ABS Warning Light won't go away

Hey guys I am new to this. I have been having an issue with my jaguar. It is a 1994 Jaguar XJ6. Had it for two years. Just about a month ago my ABS warning light came on and does not go away. I have cleaned the abs wheel sensors so far and that’s about it. Any suggestions?

If there is a plug where the wheel sensors connect to the vehicle harness check and clean these as well. Could be in an area where dirt and moisture accumulate.

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Ok will do sounds good. Another question, for some odd reason once my car is on the road for a good while my brakes start to squeal as I hit the brakes and slow down. They also squeal when I’m driving slowly. Could this be brake dust build up? I have also changed the calipers, brakes, and rotors just recently. Thanks

Replace the ABS sensor, should clear the problem.

Check that the brake pads are installed correctly, on my car I have anti squeal shims on the back of the pads, I also put a small amount of silicone grease on the back of the pads. Hope this helps

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On my xj40 it was common to put a piece of black tape over the light
It worked wonders
Only thing on an xj40 the whole dash was covered in it!
Just having fun
But I did use a lot of tape​:grinning::rofl::-1:t6:

Why not read the ABS codes to get the info from the module??


Ok I will try that first. Sadly those abs sensors are super expensive but luckily for me I have an extra Jag for spare parts. Yeah my next step was applying anti squeal grease on the back of the pads. Thank you so much

Yeah I have tried doing that but I cannot find the PM4 connector on my jag. That big brown one is now where to be found lol

hahahah might as well try that. Its a quick fix lollll

It’s so much easier on the eyes🤣

facts i agree. Simple life hacks 101 loll

Be extra careful removing the ABS sensors on your spare; they have a tendency to seize and snap.

Those big round plugs don’t appear on the 94MY cars, we have different connectors throughout. I’ve never had to query the ABS codes so I don’t know exactly what the 94 plug looks like.
That said, however, the wiring should be the same colors as the large brown plug. Additionally, the 94 style plug will probably be located in the same place as the one shown in the link.

ok sounds good. I will be looking into it

Try checking the contacts in the combined pressure switch at the abs pump.
My 90 xjs has 1 of the 3 contacts stuck continually closed. It is the contact that drives the brake warning relay which when energized turns on the red brake light. Low fluid reservoir and emergency brake have contacts that will also turn on this light.
Another contact in cps will control the abs pump and the final contact will cause abs light to illuminate.
Check wiring schematic for troubleshooting.