AC air cleaner decals pancake filters XK120

I don’t suppose anyone could post a photo of the AC decals on the XK120 OTS air cleaners? I’m pretty sure they are the circular blue ones…

Actual diameter is 1-1/8"

I think I got this one from Moss.

Thanks, guys. It seems like bang in the centre of the air cleaner top is the right position.

What we really need to see is an original AC with the decal (water slide) in place

I found a picture on page 265 of the Sheridan/Payne authenticity guide. It looks like an aftermarket sticker type, which is what I will have to be using, I guess.

Here’s the best photo I have of an original pair of AC (water slide) decals. The reproduction stickers are pretty close but not exact.

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Were the AC decals on all the pancake filters, including for the 140?

Chris, 100% correct, the AC sticker shown on page 265 is a reproduction sticker as actually fitted onto Bobs XK120, we didn’t have a good photo of an original at hand - shame we didn’t ask Mike back then…his photo showing two originals in excellent condition, if not needing a careful wash… :smiley:

Hard to imagine better evidence than that, Mike! Thanks muchly!!

Roger, the repro stickers will be good enough for my purposes. They’re not all that visible when on the car anyway. I’ve ordered a pair from Ebay.

XK120DHC original period photo whilst not the best angle from what I can see no decal?

My original (but now repainted) pancake filters on my ‘140 had no sign of any stickers or decals.
I can’t determine whether there were ever any stickers ever applied.
Does anyone know if the 140 filters should have the AC decals ?

here is a picture of the decal (water slight) I found on the unrestored airfilter of my car. Maybe it is an original one. The lettering “MADE IN ENGLAND” seems to be of brighter white than the rest. As the filter was seriously rusted and as I feared that some of the rust particles could damage the engine I threw the filter away and bought a new one.
Regards Joerg

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Seems to me one could reproduce a water slide decal if he had a crisp image of one - or sixty images - to print out on waterslide paper with a laser printer.

Yep, I got mine from Moss.
Part 011-715 @ $4.99
I think it’s plastic. Seems to have held up well out there in front of the radiator where the rain comes in. More durable than a decal anyway.

This is interesting as the running in stickers on windscreen, washer bottle decals, D type bonnet decal etc are all water slide not self adhesive.
Will be interesting to follow up on how easy it is to reproduce these accurately
PS it seems funny they have location for part number but didn’t put it on?


I was looking for two AC stickers for my 1954 XK 120 as well and was very grateful with the results of your initial question.
I guess it’s clear now what they initially looked like with the following examples:

There is a “wide variety” of stickers available but most of them are far from correct. The font, size and colour are just wrong.
Also, I don’t understand why they haven’t seen that the original stickers end with the white ring (instead of a coloured ring at the perimeter like they all have now). I assume a lot of these stickers are “copies of copies”.

I found these stickers and they come close to the originals, but still have the same incorrect coloured ring at the outside. I will try to cut off the outer coloured ring and use them until someone has copied the original water slides…

Bob K.

Repro AC sticker

Further to my last contribution, I compared some original photos and the sizes mentioned here on the forum. F8 Driver Dick mentioned 1⅛ " (28 m) but I guess that is a bit too small.
Using the original photos and comparing (I know this is dangerous) the outer diameter of filter and sticker, I ended up with a sticker diameter somewhere around 1½ " (38 mm).
When I remove the outer coloured ring of my just acquired “old” stickers, I end up with a diameter of exactly 1½ ".
I guess this is the closest I can come to the original with stickers as manufactured in modern times. I also like the somewhat darker blue of this sticker.

Bob K.

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