AC Low Side Port For Re-charge?

Ahoy !
2002 4.0L V8, Naturally Aspirated
From what I’ve seen and did not see on the Internet and, did not immediately see in the LH front wheel well (drivers in the USA), I am guessing the low side port is on the AC Compressor itself.
Can someone please confirm this?
That front underside splash panel may present a bit of difficulty in removal (re: breakage & rust) so, if I am guessing incorrectly, I’d rather know before wrestling the darned thing off than afterwards.

Also, Related Inquiry - Preface: I have no technical knowledge of automobile AC systems. That said, I ask - Is there a technological justification for when the AC compressor is not conveniently situated, to locating the low side port/re-charge port on the Compressor instead of configuring piping or hoses to locate the port to a more readily accessible location ?

Thank you.
(Yes, in the best of all possible worlds, I’d not risk wasting a can of freon at the get-go but, instead, write a pretty cheque to an AC shop to inspect the system.)
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

The low pressure (suction side) service valve is located on the pipe on the compressor.
Not convenient if you don’t have a lift.

I remember when I worked at the dealer the shop phone would ring and somebody at a repair shop would ask where the low side valve was.

I told them and they would ask WHY there???
I told them to call Jaguar, don’t ask me!!!


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Thank you, Bob.
Well, at least I don’t have to drop the oil pan and driver’s seat. Or do I ? Ha!
No lift, merely drive up ramps and me flat on m’ back.
If I had nothing to do and a bushel of cash sitting about collecting dust, I’d have piping fabricated to establish the port at a convenient location. Yes, utterly irrational “Let me show you how to do it better” flourishes.

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Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
ps: Happy Father’s Day

Bottom low pressure port.

Top high pressure port.

I believe the top port is used by the factory line workers to give it the initial charge, so they put it in a convenient place. Those are union workers, so you wouldn’t want to make them get into an uncomfortable position, would you? T’wouldn’t be cricket.
Their answer would probably be something like, “The Jaguar system is perfect. No one should ever need to recharge it.”

Hello, Rob.
Thank you.
Nice photo.
Hmm…Just occurred to me: Maybe someone understood “low” too literally.
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Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.
Happy Father’s Day !


I see what you did there!!
Low Side, get it??


Not just the initial charge. By 2002, the factory approved method of “topping off” refrigerant was to recover what was there, then recharge with a specific weight of refrigerant with the engine off, through the high-side port.

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