Access to the convertible top Hydraulic lines, and removing the back interior

Yes I’m going to get the manual but for now. Before I do something stupid, I want to run an antenna for my XM radio from the boot lid to the front under the carpet and what not.
Is there a trick to getting the side covers off of the back? I see what looks like a plastic insert on the side but did not want to pull it out yet. I wanted to check with anyone who had removes all the whole interior of the back seat area. I was thinking of getting rid of the back seat and replacing it with a “box” area or something. Lets be honest the seats are there for looks. No one could possibly even think of fitting back there.
I also want to replace the hydraulic lines to the convertible top while I was in there. I found the leak and it is the O ring in the pump itself, but the lines are all permanently “red” from using transmission fluid. Now that I have the correct fluid I want to start fresh with new lines. Plus they are stiff and brittle, so before I have further issues with them I just want to go ahead and replace them. Just trying to figure out how to get to them correctly.

Side covers?

I have run a wire from the trunk to the front of the car. Darn if I cant remember how I did it, but you’ll have to remove the rear speaker cover, if that’s what you were referring to. There are two plastic push in connectors that have to be popped out. You’ll have to get your fingers in there and pry them loose. Don’t be afraid. The bottom part might be tucked in under that aluminum sill plate you see when you open the door. Don’t forget that. Then there’s the push in connector that you can see through the quarterglass. I would recommend not replacing those. Should your quarterglass ever get stuck in the up position, I don’t know how you would access the motor.

Use a wire hanger as a fishing line. You may have to remove the back seat to get the wire through, but there is a path there. I went through the drivers side, staying away from the battery. Once in the cabin, its easy. Run it under the sill plate, then sneak it up behind the drivers dash.

I cannot help you with the hydraulic lines.

YES, the side interior speaker cover. I was going to pull the tab out on the top but wanted to make sure before I did that. Thanks. I know I will have to take those out in order to get to the top mechanics. I just did not want to pull out something that would break or what ever. Thanks.

I replaced all the lines in my 94 convertible. The speaker side panels have two plastic rivets facing forward and one on the side accessible when the windows are down. to remove pry the panel from the bottom forward side to get the front facing plastic rivets to come out. I unplugged the light and speaker to completely remove but that isn’t really required. To replace the left side you have to remove or peal down the carpet and a piece of cloth that hide the lines going across the back and then remove/loosen the round screw on clips that hold the lines in place. The right side is problem the easiest to run a wire thru because that’s where the hydraulic lines run.

OK first thanks for the information about getting the side covers off. They came off without a hitch. Now I know I have the normal issues of the leaky seal on the pump, and I have the new seal to replace it. But I wanted to check the lines as well. Well the left side is covered in fluid. I’m not sure if it is the line or the cylinder. That will be an easy thing to find out. I will clean it off and put the top up and down and see what leaks. But if it is the line (most likely) do I still need to bleed the whole system if I’m just replacing the lines? I think the cylinders are OK but if not then I will replace both of them. The old “If one is bade than the other is not far behind” thing.