Accumulator and clicking/banging noise 1988 XJ40

Hi Everyone
I have just purchased a 46k mile 1988 XJ40 - 545449
It still has its self levellers and the ride is amazing.

I think my accumulator is low on pressure, nitrogen side, and i am looking to replace it. Is the accumulator the same for the early and later models - i ordered an AC Delco 25528382 type. Mine looks to have a nipple from the valve black that screws into the accumulator itself - but most accumulators ive seen seem to have a male nipple/thread and not female fitting. Any help appreciated

Also I have noticed when the car is loaded there is a banging/heavy clicking sound coming from the passenger side bulkhead area.
I am wondering if its the solenoid valve the feeds fluid to the rear shocks - or just hammer because the accumulator is providing such little cushioning to the system (CBC9702 JAGUAR 98-99 XJ6 UP SOLENOID)

Does anyone know of a replacement self leveller if mine do fail (touch would no leaks and rides amazing)


Hi Ian, I‘ve moved you to the appropriate category, good luck with the car!

I see that you are new to Jag-Lovers. Welcome!
Since you have an XJ40, you are on the wrong list. This is the list for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. The XJ40 was a completely new design and your car has very little in common with ours. Try over on the XJ40 list.


Thanks David. Sorry i thought id clicked the right option.

No worries, happens a lot. You’re definitely in the right place now. And Welcome.

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Hopefully it is just that the upper shock bushes that have perished, common fault, cheap and simple job to replace on a non-sls car, not sure about cars with self levelling …

Hi Larry,
Its a hydraulic banging - no noise at the self levellers themselves thankfully. The noise isnt coming from the valve that lets the high pressure into the accumulator nor the accumulator itself. I think its probably the solenoid valve block but i couldnt get to this when i was looking yesterday.

Hi All
well i replaced the accumulator with one i ordered from Australia. This has fixed the “low Pressure” alarm and made the pedal softer.
I thought it had cured the banging i get when the self levelling is activated but it seems not. I am wondering if the valve black has a blockage or if one of the solenoid valves is sticking. I bought a second had valve block - complete with solenoids - plucking up courage to swap them - although nervous as to how much fluid will come out as i dont have any spare yet.

Anyone else had this banging issue - little chance perhaps given its related to the self levelling. The line that is pulsating is the line from the pump to the valve block - as if a valve is opening and closing on the high pressure pumped line

I managed to change the valve block yesterday. Sadly no change. The main feed line from the pump to the valve block is pulsating when the suspension is trying to raise after a load.

Im wondering if its an issue of lack of fluid or need to bleed the lines to the rear shocks. Is it easy to bleed them?

I am beginning to wonder if this post is in the right place. 21 days since posting and as yet no insight into the hydraulics? is anyone out there please :slight_smile:

You are in the right place, unfortunately I would hazard a guess that most cars that had the system are either dead or have been converted.

Thanks Robin. I was beginning to think the same.

well i thought id do a final update
I decided to crawl under the car and see what was going on at the rear… The height sensor was there all connected and all seemed normal except i noticed the rear shocks and springs were new looking. So it turns out that someone has swapped the self levellers for standard setup - yet for some unknown reason they didn’t even disconnect the height switch nor disconnect the hydraulic line to the rear. Not sure where they blanked it - but it must be somewhere as i dont lose fluid. It seems the noise was caused when the sensor called for raising and it opened the solenoid - that was then causing the pump to pump against a closed head.

I disconnected the sensor for now and the banging has stopped!

A little disappointing not to have SLS but relieved that i dont have to pay for the inevitable conversion


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That makes sense. Poor pump, happy you got it figured out!