Accumulator and clicking/banging noise 1988 XJ40

Hi Everyone
I have just purchased a 46k mile 1988 XJ40 - 545449
It still has its self levellers and the ride is amazing.

I think my accumulator is low on pressure, nitrogen side, and i am looking to replace it. Is the accumulator the same for the early and later models - i ordered an AC Delco 25528382 type. Mine looks to have a nipple from the valve black that screws into the accumulator itself - but most accumulators ive seen seem to have a male nipple/thread and not female fitting. Any help appreciated

Also I have noticed when the car is loaded there is a banging/heavy clicking sound coming from the passenger side bulkhead area.
I am wondering if its the solenoid valve the feeds fluid to the rear shocks - or just hammer because the accumulator is providing such little cushioning to the system (CBC9702 JAGUAR 98-99 XJ6 UP SOLENOID)

Does anyone know of a replacement self leveller if mine do fail (touch would no leaks and rides amazing)


Hi Ian, I‘ve moved you to the appropriate category, good luck with the car!

I see that you are new to Jag-Lovers. Welcome!
Since you have an XJ40, you are on the wrong list. This is the list for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. The XJ40 was a completely new design and your car has very little in common with ours. Try over on the XJ40 list.


Thanks David. Sorry i thought id clicked the right option.

No worries, happens a lot. You’re definitely in the right place now. And Welcome.

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Hopefully it is just that the upper shock bushes that have perished, common fault, cheap and simple job to replace on a non-sls car, not sure about cars with self levelling …

Hi Larry,
Its a hydraulic banging - no noise at the self levellers themselves thankfully. The noise isnt coming from the valve that lets the high pressure into the accumulator nor the accumulator itself. I think its probably the solenoid valve block but i couldnt get to this when i was looking yesterday.