ACE translucent number plate

Does anyone know of a company re-manufacturing these plates?
They are normally individual letters / digits that slide into position.
They are white translucent plastic and the light from the number plate box shines through them.
I see some second hand ones on Ebay but would like new ones if available.

Hello Graham, I do not know of a company re-manufacturing translucent Ace plates. A suggestion would be to inquire with Ace Peak Plates, see , who are using “original Cornercroft Ace die sets and die casting equipment” manufacturing Ace plates today.

It looks like they have white ones.
Mine do not slide into position, they have washers and studs which are sort of mashed down.


Its not obvious in photo, but I am sure these ACE PRISMATIC TRANSLUCENT PANEL plates are exactly what was on my 1966 E-type (LTX745D) when I purchased it in England in 1975, and they are a FLAT PLASTIC panel, with the letters/numbers engraved into the rear of the plastic sheet or panel. After engraving the whole back of the plate, including the engraved numbers is sprayed/coated with a silver paint, but it does allow for some rear illumination against the otherwise black plastic non-engraved front.

If that is what you are after, you will need to find someone who will engrave your specific required number, as these are not a case of assembling individulal numbers as the common ACE Peak cast aluminium or cast plastic numbers plates that are assembled/rivetted onto a backing plate.

Still try any leads, but ……………….


Hi Roger.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I tried Ace Peak Plates (I have them supplying me a plate for my 120) but unfortunately they cannot produce these ones and were interested themselves if anyone does.

The advert I showed is possibly a bit confusing in that it would appear to show the style that Rob has however they did also produce the individual character type that slide in and are illuminated.
These are what I’m hoping to find.

Rob. Are those letters plastic or aluminium?
If plastic does the light illuminate them?
Cheers, Graham

Yes they are white plastic and the lights on the sides of the tail lights illuminate them. Sort of…
rear light unit