Active exhaust not working?

I was under the impression that AE on a 6 speed would be activated with either the Dynamic switch or the AE switch. Neither one changes the exhaust note. I checked under the car to see if the vacuum ( or whatever) hoses were connected…they both are. What am I missing?? Or is there something wrong with the exhaust ?

This happened to mine (‘14 3.0S automatic) while it was still under warranty. The dealer replaced the entire valve assembly. Sorry I don’t have any more details.


Hi Gunnar and thank you for your help. The car is still under warranty, so when the weather is a bit more hospitable (it’s Wisconsin, here) I’ll get him out and take him in to the dealer. I know it worked when I test drove it, because I turned it off to be able to better hear what the car was doing. Have read on other forums that AE not working comes up.

OK, so here is the update on AE. Got the car out and checked operation of Dynamic & AE switches. Confirmed that exhaust note was louder with those on. No pops or snorts… Went to Jaguar dealer today. Tech thoroughly checked all exhaust components and reported only a bad actuator that dummied up when disconnected and reconnected. No clue as to why pops &snorts are gone. Possibly selling dealer updated software after I test drove it, and before I took it home. If the Ps&Ss are created by raw gas, then maybe its better off without that. I know there are owners who really enjoy the noise, but I’m satisfied with the resonance that the car has without.

That is so weird.

I like my car’s pops and snorts, except when I’m starting up the engine in a confined space with people close by. Not everyone enjoys loud noises like that.

But when I’m driving? Auditory heaven!

Hey folks. I’m a regular contributor and lurker on the E-type forum as I have a 1969 Series 2 Coupe, but I’m seriously considering trading in my other daily driver to buy a 2018 F-Type R. Can you guys better explain the Active Exhaust system for me? Several years ago I had a C6 Corvette and installed a Billy Boat exhaust system that had a small wireless remote that would open up the exhaust, but upon startup it was stock and made less noise that irritated my wife and the neighbors, but as @gunnar said, it was sweet out on the highway. How does the Jag F version operate?

On my 2014 S, it’s activated in two different ways:

  • By putting the car in “Dynamic” mode.
  • By pressing a button on the center console.

Either way opens a valve in the exhaust. This is supposed to increase horsepower by a tiny amount, but the main impact is noise. It sounds glorious, a deeper and louder exhaust note.

The crackle and pop I mentioned earlier are not related to this. Even with the valve closed, my car will make a pop-pop sound in the exhaust when I start the engine. Sort of “Vroom - pop, pop!”

Also, when driving, when I let off the gas, especially if it’s sudden, the exhaust will make those same sounds. This can’t be turned off.

Does that help?

Thanks Gunnar, it does help. I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos of the exhaust sound and I like the aural feedback that the exhaust provides. I guess it just depends on how annoying the wifey thinks it is, I’ll enjoy it if I move forward with an F type.

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