Actual "rare" model

If I didn’t have a Jag in the garage already and I was sure the wife couldn’t find her rolling pin, I’d be on this like white on rice. A 3.6 manual cabriolet !!! With a custom horn button . . .too cool.
ps - seller has said in video that the motor is a 4.0 replacement

Wow, that would be nice! And I love the red/black combo.

We’re these factory? Or the Hess conversions with two tanks?

That’s the ONLY XJS I’d ever consider owning!

The cabriolets are factory. In fact, H&E convertibles were modified cabriolets.

In Europe, inline 6 and manual were available, unlike here in the US. How many of the cabriolets were with manual boxes is unclear. It is also unclear if the box is add-on or factory.

The seller, alabbasi is a JL member and perhaps can clarify

I suppose the correct way to call someones attention is to put the “@” signs before their name.

Paging @alabbasi

Not trying to be argumentative but think you’re wrong on H&E being modified cabriolets. I would love to see that info, you have any references you can site on that info.

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This is what the forums are for :-))

I don’t have any “Proof” but this is what I’ve seen/heard

" Misc:
As stated earlier, H&E was used to supplying high end clients (Secret Service, etc.). H&E convertibles were made by modifying factory cabriolets, which required some repainted after cutting and welding. H&E actually had to ‘dumb down’ it’s painting operation a bit to ensure the portions they painted over matched the factory.

Dad drove quite a few XJS’s in the course of designing the H&E convertible. He said that all were fast, but some were scary fast and there was some noticeable variation in ones from the factory. The original model that had been rolled stood out in particular. He’s not sure what modifications would have been done to cause such a performance change, but he said one member of the engineering team thought it had a modified ECU."

Of course, “The Book” says that factory coupes were chopped to make the H&E convertible, so the source I cited could be completely wrong.

Ha! I was wondering why all of a sudden there were a bunch of watchers on this auction.

Well I hope it’ll go to some one who knows what they have. Good luck with sale and IMHO it’s worth every penny of the starting price. Steve, et al, can the ECUs in the XJS be tuned?

Yes, I had my 16CU (1988 XJ-S) tuned by Roger Bywater at AJ6 engineering. He’s the only one I know, he is swamped with work, and will probably retire any time now IMO.

Super Enhanced ECU, he calls it. I can’t compare before/after, as mine wasn’t working when I sent it to him.

Being the proud owner of a 96 XJS, I would normally be offend by that statement. However, I am not, considering it came from someone who drove a purple E-Type. :joy::hushed:

I thought all the Cabs had rear seat delete? Just a storage box there.


The Cabs had a backseat. Princess Diana famously drove one. She had to put the boys somewhere!


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And then infamously traded it for a 500SL in 1991

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If Kirby had written The Book back then, I’m sure she would have kept her XJ-S.

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Looks to be an ‘89 or ‘90- any idea why it would have quad headlights in the UK?

Because is looks better that way?

I can think of a couple of possibilities. One is the “cool” factor, and it works both ways - some owners in the US desire EU spec lights. Others in the EU want the quad headlamps so they would look different. The other reason is that the facelift headlamps became rare as rocking horse manure in the UK. After an accident that broke the headlamp glass on my car, I resorted to grafting the headlamp lens from a pre-facelift onto one of my headlamp reflectors. Even when the headlamp units did get remade the quality was very suspect. I switched to the quad setup on my UK car for reasons of cost and reliability. They also turn out to be much better for light output than the Euro spec lights.

Found an article online that states she owned the car from ‘87-‘91; roof was customized to eliminate the roll bar and was fixed. Custom painted to match Charles Aston Martin. Still in existence as of 2/18 and was shown at a car show.

I was touring YOUTUBE abd found a video of this car


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