Adapting T5 to Jaguar speedometer cable

I installed a Mustang WC T5 in my Mk2 last year, and for expediency sake didn’t bother with the speedometer. It seems the mustang speedo cable end just fits directly into the transmission where the Jag cable goes into some kind of angle drive. I’m wondering if anyone has solved this with an adapter or maybe having their speedo cable cut and adapted to fit into the T5? I’m also debating trying to do this myself, somehow splicing the cables together. Any tips?

I have a T5 in my Mark X. The speedometer angle drive came with the kit. The supplier no longer sells the transmission kits… I would contact the several different suppliers who are out there.


I got a custom cable made, but now I need to choose a plastic gear for the T5. I will start in the middle and then adjust unless anyone knows which is the right gear for this application?