Adding a clutch return spring - Parts?

I’m going to convert my ‘hydrostatic’ clutch to the earlier (and later) configuration with a return spring and an air gap.

I see Moss sells the whole adjuster assembly that includes a pin with a ‘turret’ for the return spring. But, it’s part of a kit for $105, and I don’t need all those bits.

Does anyone know if any vendors sell just the pin with the turret?

Alternatively, where/how was the spring attached on the cars that came from the factory with a return spring?

Here’s my '71:

On my '69 I had to set the anchor pointing down a bit to put more tension on the spring:

Hi Ben…On the non turret pin the spring just fitted direct to the pin under the head…the loop on the spring was slightly larger than for the turret pin…the pin is available in the UK here but the retaining spring clip isnt…i just used a similar spring retaining clip 10mm but had to slightly cut the grove in the pin a bit deeper for it to fit…more info here Clutch Slave pin clip - The 'E' Type Forum Steve


On my MK2 I just used a nut and bolt , the spring can make a big diffrence , to the pressure needed , on the pedal to operate the clutch , your be surprised !

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Check Terry’s. I just got one from there a month ago.

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In case Ben doesn’t know that clip - here’s a pic:

Similar design to the clip on the bonnet strut on a late S2 but I haven’t compared them to see if they are the same size.

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On my 67’ in just put the spring in the middle of the clip in Geo’s picture. Hasn’t been a problem for 4 years.

The car came to me w/o a spring and the pin installed backwards (in my opinion). I turned the pin around (clip to the inside) when I fitted the spring as pictured a few posts back.

Hi Ben
I did the same thing on 2019. You can check the thread.( Clutch Slave Cylinder conversion
You can see that the parts cost me about 20-30$

That’s great, thank you.

I’m not able to find that C24147-B on their website to save my life. Did you have to have one of their guys find it?

You might want to use the older version C.9801 which was fitted 1961-68. It seems to be available.

I have that one currently, but I’d prefer the style with the ‘turret’ for attaching the spring.

If you want the turret design pin, it seems your options are:

  1. Buy the whole 4-piece push rod kit C24147 (at SNGB). This version doesn’t use the spring clip C27328/5Z that engages in a groove in the pin (as per S2&3), but instead has a split pin and spring washer to tension it. The Moss version of this kit C24147ASY shows a pin with a groove for the spring clip, but doesn’t show the clip itself, so it may not be included (see later).

  2. Buy the C27327 pin (listed at Terry’s, Moss and etypeparts (UK) though whether they have stock is unclear). This pin is designed to use spring clip C27328/5Z in a groove on the pin which Terry’s say is no longer available. The SNGB web site calls the clip C273285 and says it is unavailable on-line, and suggests you call them.

  3. Buy the S2 pin C29803 which uses the same C27328/5 clip according to the Jaguar Parts List.The Moss web site shows C29803 as in stock. I suspect that this option is really the same as #2, as the usuals say C27327 and C29803 are interchangeable.

The problem with options #2&3 is the clip C27328/5. No-one seems to have it, though if you enter it on the Moss site it then shows you C27328/3 which they do have. As far as I can see, the two clips are of the same design, but different sizes. SNGB also has C27328/3 by the way.

I think this may be a case where you have to pick up the phone and call each supplier. As often seems to be the case, there is some latitude being used when specifying parts as interchangeable (eg using a split pin and washer instead of the spring clip). It wouldn’t surprise me if you buy the turret pin with a groove, that will find that no-one has the right size clip. Maybe you can modify C27328/3 to fit, but I’d like to hear someone confirm that. Please let us know the outcome, so we can all benefit from your experience.

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As Steve mentioned above - if you can find the turret pin you’re after, you can use a 10mm clip and file it just a bit and it’ll work fine. At least it did for me as I had the pin but was missing the clip. Heck, I think I have some extra 10mm clips around somewhere. Shoot me a PM if you want one and I’ll take a look.

If you look at the thread @BTR linked to just above, it seems clear that he presented Option 4, and bought just the pin from SNG, which had the turret, and uses a split pin to secure it.

My OEM turret pin has a collar that will accept the clip, and also a hole to accept a split pin. Maybe I’ll claim I have an S1.5 “option 4” car! :slightly_smiling_face:

Clone it…sell a million of ‘em :wink:

I saw that, but I thought that you reported that no-one would sell you just the pin from the C24147 kit (ie C24147-B). Perhaps I misunderstood…

I said a search of SNG’s website failed to bring up the part that Benny purchased from them.

I’m guessing it takes the involvement of one of their staff to find it, and I was asking if that was his experience.

Hi Ben
If I recall correctly one of the service guy at SNG was able to get me that piece from the UK

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