Adding a glove box on Facelift

Had to pull my dash to replace a vacuum mechanism on my 94 xjs 4.0. In the process i removed the passenger air bag. There was no dash glovebox, only the console one. I located and purchased an earlier model glove box and door with matching burled wood. does anyone have pictures of their early model glove box open so I can see where all the attachments go before I attempt to install this?

Some here:

Thanks that’s a start.

I took this a few minutes ago. The hardest part (at least on my car) is getting the “box” in place. There is a bulky wiring harness above everything, and it takes some force to get the box to fit. Once that is in position the rest is easy.

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Thanks, Looks like i may need to make a custom Box. The plastic one i have is a bit too wide and too deep.