Adding water/antifreeze after draining

I am finishing my installation of the water pump on my 87 XJ6. I am using a hose kit from Moss Motors. After everything is in place, what is the easiest way to refill the system?? I understand it takes 4 gallons of 50/50 water antifreeze mix? Do I just fill it through the header tank (seems obvious, but after 25 years working on this car, I’ve found NOTHING is obvious).
Of course, I still love the old girl!!
I’ve not done this before so any advice is welcome.




Well, that’s what I call succinct response. Thanks Doug

Usually he is NOT a man of few words! He must be quite busy :rofl::rofl::wink:

Don’t forget to open the heater control fully while you are filling the system.

And, when it’s filled, I like to burp it by running for a while with the header tank cap off.
OR just running it and letting any trapped air vent through the reserve tank will also work. Put some coolant/water mix in it so that as it cools the mixture is drawn back to replace any exhausted air.

Indeed, Breen - a couple of heat cycles, and possible adjustments, is normally necessary before level is stabilized…

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