Additional fuel tank available Mk2?

(lindi) #1

Hi folks,

I will have to do longer trips with our Mk2 and the range gained by the original tank is by far too short. I saw pictures of additional tanks formerly supported by coombs. Does anybody know something about those or similar tanks - where to get, how to install ? Or is this too exotic ?

Would be great to hear from you.

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(george leicht) #2

while I have no practical experience with an aux tank, I often thought that a fuel cell would fit in the back of the boot or trunk under the rear parcel shelf without interfering with the rest of the boot storage. I have an old Deliair Air/Con unit setting back there Add a second fuel pump and a switch - your good for 500 miles!

Cincinnati 1965 Mk2

(Ian) #3

You could use a tank from a Triumph Spitfire , just a bolt on job , add a filler cap like the Coombs or mount the tank low , so filler is out of sight !1966-triumph-spitfire-mk2-11%5B1%5D

(Phil.Dobson) #4

a lot of the racing guys install tanks in the spare wheel well.

(lindi) #5

Hi folks,

thanks a lot for you quick and very helpful messages.

Having been victim of a screw in one tyre once, I want to keep the spare wheel.

Fuel cell is a good idea, Spitfire tank is the one that I want wo try first. What I don’t quite understand, is how to mount the tank low ?

I would try to get it situated in the region in the boot, where the rear axles lives underneath. The filler would go out either on the top (if there is enough space above) or at the front (unvisible), with a tube connected to be filled at the side of the tank with the boot lid open. That correct ?

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(Ian) #6

I did mean mounted like Coombs did , keep tank low to the floor to keep the filler inside the boot ! fuel%20tank%5B1%5D

(lindi) #7

ah, ok !

Is this on the pic a tank of a Spitfire? Looks a bit big (what would be good for a long mileage).

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(Ian) #8

No pic is not that of a Spitfire , just to show what I meant !

(John Quilter) #9

I would be extremely cautious about re-engineering the fuel system especially locating a filler in the boot. Where are the fumes from the filling process to go except down in the bottom of the boot thus creating an explosion hazard. With any spilled fuel the situation will be even worse. All the piping and connections will have to have absolutely perfect integrity. Just ask anyone who was with Jaguar Cars in 1988 when the Hess & Eisenhardt convertible conversions were done on the XJS coupes andt the issues that the modified fuel tank system created.

(lindi) #10

Hi John,
thanks for your warnings. Those things are clear !

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(Piotr) #11

This Mk1 has a clean add-on tank, a custom one:
see pics

(Lovell) #12

Once upon a time JC Whitney made a series of spare tire well auxiliary gas tanks.

You had to be willing to carry your spare somewhere else.

I don’t believe they were model specific but dimensions varied. It allowed multiple applications without excessive stocking.

(lindi) #13

This Mk1 tank looks very pretty. the do have 2 fillers. Just for race purposes ?

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