Adjusting Door on 63 Jaguar MK 2

Am having a problem adjusting the drivers door on my Mk 2 , there seems there to be no adjustment at the hinge, just large screws and the door sits proud at the bottom and not flush with the body.
All other doors are fine. Adjusting the door lock does not help.
Loosening the other bolts in the door don’t seem to help the problem either.
Kim R.

Think your find the 3 bolts that screw into the door side of the hinge screw into a plate , that plate is not fixed to the door ,its held in place in a cage, so you should be able to move the door in and out , maybe the plate is stuck , loosen the bolts and tap with a hammer to free the plate !


Hi, the door gaps are set with shims between door and hinge. I think they can still be bought.
If the door sits parallel with the sill go for Ian’s instructions. Br Svante