Adjusting Front Bumper (85 XJ6)

(Richard Greene) #1

Just bought another XJ6! It looks like the front bumper has been slightly pushed up. I’m guessing it is from a previous tow. What can be done to get it slightly down? Also, I seem to remember (and may be wrong), this color green on a 85 VP

was “thistle green”. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks for any help!


(phillip keeter) #2

Loosen the bolts that hold the bumper shocks in the frame boxes. Pad the top of the bumper and give it a good shot or two with a BFH.

(Paul M. Novak) #3

That is a nice color. What is the three letter Paint Code on the identification plate?


(Richard Greene) #4


You jogged my memory to check the code which is HEG (sage green). I have not seen many that color which I think was exclusive to the Vanden Plas.

Appreciate this and all your help given to the list!