Admin Note: You must be a member in good standing to post an ad

Please note: In order to post an ad to the Classifieds category, your account must be at Trust Level 1, minimum.

Posting of ads outside of the Classifieds category is not allowed. Any such posts will be deleted and you will be barred from Jag-lovers.

What this means is that you need to be a member in good standing, someone who’s spent a minimum of time on this site, contributing to the community, to earn the privilege of posting ads. It does not mean that you have to donate any money, the Classifieds category is completely free to use, just like the rest of the site.

Promotion to Trust Level 1 happens automatically by the Forum software. The admins can not help you with this. Simply be patient, read some threads, and get a feel for the place. Introduce yourself, and participate in the forums. The system will notify you when you’ve been promoted.

The reason for this is to stop “drive-by” spammers and outright scam artists. That is, people who create an account simply to post a bunch of free ads, and then are never heard from again.

Thank you for your understanding.