[ADMIN] The used parts exchange and the searchable archives

There are two Jag-Lovers services I’d like everyone to be aware of.
They’ve both just been changed/upgraded, so here’s a short update on

The Jaguar/Daimler Used Parts Exchange

You can use the Jaguar/Daimler Used Parts Exchange to post free “wanted”
or “for sale” ads for Jaguar-related cars and parts. The Exchange has
become very popular, ad #1000 was just posted yesterday!


  • I’ve moved the exchange to the Jag-Lovers server (please update your
    links and bookmarks).
  • The ads are now listed in reverse order, i.e. the newest ads are
    listed at the top of the page.
  • You have to join as a member of the exchange in order to post an ad,
    you can join yourself by clicking the “Members” button at the bottom of
    the page. This ensures that no one can post an ad under your name and:
  • You can now delete your own ads!
  • There’s also a new page with instructions and rules for using the
    exchange, please read it.

The Jag-Lovers Searchable Archives

The searchable archives contain every word uttered on all the
jag-lovers mailing lists. You can use these pages to either search the
archives or browse message for message.


  • I’ve moved the searchable archives to the Jag-Lovers server (please
    update your links and bookmarks).
  • You can now search a database containing every word written on all
    the jag-lovers lists since the beginning (including the “old”
    jag-lovers@sn.no list).
  • You can limit your search to just one list or search them all in one
    big swoop!
  • You can search for a single word or for phrases. You can also do
    Boolean searches.
  • You can now also browse all the lists and backtrack the discussions
    from month to month.
  • You can browse by date or by thread (topic) for each month.


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Congratulations on your achievements and thanks…especially about
being able to search the full archives and being able to get the recent
posts to the parts exchange first.

Noel Annett
68 E (2+2) … 67 Daimler Sov(420)… 71 XJ6 4.2 MOD
76 XJ6 auto (For Sale)…85 BMW 528i
Canberra, Australia>