Advice for those who have lost keys

I recently lost the keys to my 1985 Jaguar XJ12 VDP, however was lucky enough to locate them. During the period of time they were missing, though, it was interesting dealing with Jaguar and I thought I would share my experience.

I see there have been posts in the past regarding people who have lost their keys, and their experience contacting Jaguar for key codes. Let me start by saying that losing your keys is an absolute nightmare. I couldn’t open the doors or start the car, both gas caps were locked, the trunk was locked and even the glovebox was locked. Furthermore, the car was in a very small garage with very little room to work on the car(basically just storage) and to move the car out f the garage with it all locked up would be a major pain and require a tow truck.

Now, when I got the car almost 15 year ago from a family member who passed away, I remember we couldn’t find the key to start it, however the local Jaguar dealership at that time had the key codes and provided us with the codes to make a key. As a result, I decided to go to my local Jaguar dealership.

Surprisingly, we were met by very helpful and concerned employees who tried to help, but couldn’t find the codes anywhere. I was given the phone number to Jaguar Canada’s customer service department and told they may help.

Disappointed, I left, but held out hope that perhaps Jaguar Canada could help. I spoke to a very helpful individual, who ran my vin through their system. My car came back as a “2004 Jaguar XJ12 VDP”, with all the descriptors being the same as my car, except for the year. A sub folder she had for “security and codes” came back….you guessed it, empty. The headings were there, but no codes. The call taker advised there was nothing more that she could do, however advised me that the dealership is supposed to still maintain those key code records to this day, even if the ownership of the dealership has changed. I was given a phone number to a business in the United States that Jaguar has provided to customers who have lost keys in the past, and has been able to help, but the number came back “no longer in service”

At this point, I contacted the Jaguar Heritage Trust” They advised me that those records are all maintained by Jaguar Classic Parts”

I then contacted Jaguar Classic Parts and sent them my ownership papers. They advised me the records do in fact exist, however I would need to go to my Jaguar dealership and provide them proof of ownership. I would then have to pay the dealership to order the codes.

Before it got that far, though, I found my keys.

So, to save everyone time in the future, just go straight to the dealership and ask them to contact Jaguar Heritage Parts. There is a good chance the records still exist, despite being told otherwise by several other sources. Most of all though, don’t be like me, and get a spare set of keys made ASAP. The thought of having to change all the locks on my car, ( or getting them all re-Keyed) because I never spent 5 minutes to get a spare set made, resulted in a lot of regret and swear words.

One more bit of advice. Be aware that the key code for the ignition may be in the lock cylinder. If the first steps I listed failed, that was my next go to. Doesn’t help with the door locks, trunk, glove box or gas caps though.


Glad you found your keys, I have been trying to get a spare set cut and I am finding it impossible for someone to have a blank ignition key and door lock key…

I ordered two spare door/trunk/glove box keys for my 1990 XJ-S convertible parts car on eBay last week, they arrived in the mail on Saturday, I took them to a local hardware store yesterday along with the original key to be cut, and last night I verified that they worked in the door locks. It couldn’t have been easier.
What year and model is your Jaguar?


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I ordered a spare set off eBay, and got them cut at a Locksmith (to many times hardware stores have messed up spare house keys).

85 Sovereign V12, can anyone post me the links…

What links are you asking for?


Links to where to buy the blank keys??

If you search on eBay for “Jaguar XJ6 key” you will find lots of auctions from a variety of sellers here in the USA. I see that you are in the UK so perhaps it makes more sense for you to search the UK version of eBay or even contact some of the suppliers for Jaguar parts in the UK about the keys to avoid expensive international shipping. There are plenty of sources for Jaguar keys out there.
Here is a link to one eBay supplier in Arizona, USA that I have used before for Jaguar keys but there are many others.



The moral of the story is of course to get the blanks and cur spares before losing a single set (20/20 hindsight). My first priority when acquiring a car is to have 3 sets. One for driver, one for second driver - and one to lose or mislay…:slight_smile:

It may be difficult to get the proper blanks, but it beats having to start from scratch. Also, not all blank procurers realise that a Jaguar set has 3 different keys. But the cost beats that of getting spares for remote/keyless entries - but spares are still a valid priorioty

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)


There’s a further option if you have no pattern and no codes. You’ll still need the correct blanks of course.

My fuel filler flap locks had no key but a locksmith was able to create a working key by working with them for a short period, noting the markings made as the blank was turned and machining accordingly. Not very costly and I had 3 keys made which have worked faultlessly since.

I would think any good locksmith could do the same

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I am struggling to find blanks in the UK, Bertie you still got that spare powerlite :wink:

Fixed it on now! Works a treat. I think just used internet to find blanks a few years back but can’t recall where.