Advice on wiper motor wiring

I have my newly-rebuilt DR1 wiper motor to fit, but first I need to connect the wiring. This is proving to be not as easy as I thought, as the various sources seem to be contradictory.
The factory diagram in the original Jag WSM is not easy to read as the lettering is small and indistinct, but assuming the terminals are in line, as they are in the motor, they don’t correspond with either XK140 Explored or the wiring book sold by Coventry Auto/Autosparks. These last two, assuming the motor is orientated accurately in the pictures, are opposites of each other. The workshop manual has GB and GP at either end, which is completely different.
Can anyone enlighten me, please, on the order of wiring? I’m inclined to believe XK140 Explored as it’s the clearest, but I know the odd error has crept in now and then. Is anyone able to confirm that this book is correct on this point? Rebuilding the motor was not cheap, and it’s the original, so I need to get it right.

Hi Roger…does this help… DR1 Motor and this from one of the forum members The Lucas 2 speed DR1 wiper motor | Jaguar XK 140 FHC Part & Assembly Information


Hope these two photos will tell you all you wanted to know. You can trace the other wire colours via the wiring scheme. (kindly provided by Eric Capron). If not let me know.
The first picture shows the connections of Wiper Switch Lucas 31427D.
The second photo shows the connections to the DR1 wiper motor.
I can assure you that this configuration works…

Bob K.

Guys, you are amazing. Thanks, perfect!