Advice Requested on Position of Brake Fluid Bottles and Heat Shield

I am trying to mock up the position of the brake fluid bottles on my build date Jan. 2nd 1963 FHC 888055.
I need to get the position fairly close so I can bend the lines from the various master cylinders to line up directly under the bottle outlets. I have looked at a lot of pictures and feel it is not super critical but maybe someone who has been there/done that knows better. Actually it looks like if I place the forward edge of the heat shield about 1" to the rear of the bracket on the engine frame (above the motor mount reinforcement), that will be about right. And then the rear of the shield is close to but does not interfere with items on the firewall, including the accelerator assembly, etc. In this case the rear bottle lines up with the top outlet on the upper M/C.

Below are some photos taken (shakily) with me holding the parts in position.

Another consideration is when the bonnet is closed, make sure it does not hit the front of the heat shield. If the shield is to far forward, the bonnet will not close… Kind of hard to figure out…

Good point. Thanks Dick.

Just got mine back from cad plater. I wont be needing the inlet tubes for a while. Getting ready to send cylinders to Apple for sleeves. I could send to you for original examples. Just need them back.

Message me your address if you want.

Hi Harvey, If you are going for concours type restoration, I have NOS sections of the low volume brown/yellow brake hose. Still in excellent condition. Your pipes with need to be 2 inches from the bottom of the reservoirs. PM me if interested.


Dick Maury is absolutely right. After I reinstalled my clutch/brake fluid bottle heat shield, I could hear an occasional clicking noise coming from the engine compartment when driving over bumps. I only discovered that it was the heat shield bracket when I saw a small scrape in the paint next to the heater air intake. I just needed to move the bracket that holds the bottles to the heat shield about a half an inch back to fix it.

John D
70 ots.

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