AED - Friend or foe - can you help

Probably explains the end of the DS420 in part :slightly_smiling_face:
Can’t find much about un-G-Kats. I wasn’t born yet so I won’t spend too much time…

Isn’t it always the same can in those emissions cars? The stromberg Jaguars seem to have them, either all or most. Also looks identical to ones in the IH Scout which is the only other carbed car I can recall having one. I think Jochens S2 has one like these too, to keep the inlet air at a constant temperature?

I‘ve seen that choke before and thought that it was a nicer way to retrofit them… looks almost factory I thought :grinning:

Hi, reading about all the hassles with these AEDs I’m quite happy that mine has been replaced by a PO with a very simple (but totally effective) home made manual choke. It pivots and depresses the enrichment ‘tab’ (underneath the enrichment adjustment screws on both carbs) while a small cam that I added increases the idle speed on one carb.

Works fine and I quite like getting it ‘just right’ on startup, reminds me of the old days!



the US export SII cars had manual chokes as emission rules were easier to comply with than on AED. Even the home market cars had the control light for the choke.

Thanks, David - I always was under the impression that there was only a two-year layover margin, but 1993 explains a lot.

As regards the hot air ducts: in fact there are two - one over the head (black box profile) to keep the intake air at approx. 40°C and to facilitate engine tuning, one behind the engine (round tube with insulating foam around) only to supply hot air for the aux carb both in terms of heat (bimetallic strip) and air.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)